She’s not a usual typecast that will be defined by her breakthrough roles. She’s mysterious and supernaturally charged, that earned her raves from critics after she made her captivating roles from one to another movie. She’s known as Eva Gaëlle Green born on July 6th 1980 in Paris, France. She’s an actress and model at the same time. She made right away her breakthrough role as a start in 2003 movie “The Dreamers”, a story of a young American that befriended French brother and sister between Paris riots. She also starred in “Arsene Lupin”, a story of a thief that robbed wealth locals of Paris. She also starred in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” as Sibylla alongside and Liam Neeson.

She got her BAFTA Rising Star Ward as Vesper Lynd in the 2006 movie “Casino Royale” alongside Judi Dench She’s the long-time-running as “M” for James Bond >> Read More... Judi Dench and Daniel Craig Daniel Wroughton Craig, born on 2nd March 1968, is >> Read More... Daniel Craig . She starred as Serafina in the 2007 movie “The Golden Compass”, a story of Lyra that went to the North to save her best friend from a terrible experiment, alongside Nicole Kidman Pronounced as one of the sexiest women alive and a >> Read More... Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. This was followed by the story of a vigilante to look for is archrival in the movie “Franklyn.” She also starred as Miss G in the story of the elite school as exploited their lives in the movie “Cracks”, right away followed by the story of a widowed woman that forces to bear a clone of her dead husband in the movie “Womb of Rebecca.” She also played role with Ewan McGregor in the movie “Perfect Sense” – a story of chef and scientist that fall in love as an epidemic grows that eats their perceptions.

She also starred with Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More... Johnny Depp , Helena Bonham Carter Helena Bonham Carter CBE is one of the prominent a >> Read More... Helena Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfeiffer One of the most desirable actresses of all time. M >> Read More... Michelle Pfeiffer in their high-profile movie “ Dark Shadows Click to look into! >> Read More... Dark Shadows .” As the archenemy of Barnabas Collins, a made that conjured to be loved by Barnabas Collins and killed the only love by casting chant to commit suicide, imprisoned the great Collins in his coffin and escaped after 200 years and they both duel in search of tyranny and love in their hometown. She made an intimidating role as a raped victim by Greeks and daughter to murdered father and mother, sheltered by the Persians and became the Naval Fleet Admiral in the movie “300: Rise of an Empire.” She also starred in the 2014 movie “White Bird in a Blizzard” as Eve Connor, in the same year as Madeline in the movie “ The Salvation Click to look into! >> Read More... The Salvation ”, and as Ava Lord in the movie “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.”