Elsa Lanchester took birth on 28th October of 1902. She was an actress in America with English heritage. She has done a lot of work in TV and theatre. When she was a child, she started studying dance and after the completion of the First World War, she performed in theatres and in the following decade, she worked towards establishing her career in it. Then in 1927, she met Charles Laughton Charles Laughton was the son of Eliza and Robert L >> Read More... , who was also an actor and after two years, they both got married.

After that, she performed some small level roles in British movies such as The Private Life Of Henry VIII in 1933. His spouse’s success in American movies made the couple move to Hollywood, where Lachester used to play some small roles. Then in 1935, she performed the title role in the movie “Bride Of Frankenstein” and this movie gave her good recognition. During 1940 and 1950, she played the supporting level roles. She even got nomination for best supporting actress role for an Academy Award. After the death of her husband in 1962, she acted in Disney as Mary Poppins, which is an American comedy during 1964, and That Dam Cat in 1965, which was the part of Walt Disney Production.

Her other appearances include Blackbeard’s Ghost in 1968, which is an American comedy. In 1971, she did a horror movie ‘Willard’, a direction of Daniel Mann. This movie was a huge success. Her last role was in the movie Murder By Death in 1976. Coming to her early life, she took birth in London. Her parents were socialists. She studied dance in Paris. After the discontinuation of her school during the Great War, she came back to Britain. During that time, her age was 12 years and she started to work as a dance teacher.

In the south district of London, she started to teach students and through this she was earning some income for her daily household expenses. She also started a theatre for children after the completion of the First World War. While coming to her film career, she did a debut in 1925 “The Scarlet Woman” and during 1928, she made her appearance in ‘Silent Shorts’. Some of her movies are Potiphar’s Wife, Laurence Olivier, Tales Of Manhattan, The Big Clock, The Wonderful World of Disney, I Love Lucy, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which was a direction of Guy Ritchie.

Talking about her personal life, she got married in 1929 to Charles Laughton. During 1938, she published a book regarding her relationship with Charles. She also revealed in that book that she and Laughton had no children due to the homosexual behaviour of her husband. After the release of this, she started to become ill in some time and within a duration of 30 months, she got two attacks. At the age of 84 years, on 1986, 26th of December, she died in California. On 5th of January, 1987, her body was taken for cremation.

Ellie Kemper English Actress

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper was born on 2nd May in 1980. She was an American actress, comedian, and a writer. She is very famous for her acting in the comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. Her role “Erin Hannon” got big fame for the series “The Office”. With that she is known for the supporting roles in the movie “Bridesmaids”, a movie released in 2011 and in 2012 the movie ‘21 Jump Street’. Then during 2015 summer, she worked as the co-host during the news program “The Today Show”, which is an American news program. She took birth in Missouri. His parents were - Dotty Ann and David Woods Kemper and they had four children. She was the second of four children. Her family was one of the wealthiest families in Missouri. Her grandfather was Mildred Lane Kemper. There was a museum with her grandfather’s name - “Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum”, at the Washington University and their family gave the donation of $5 million to it. Her father was the CEO of a bank holding company named Commerce Bancshares. Her family was its founder. One of her younger sisters, “Carrie Kemper”, is a television writer. Her ancestry belongs to Germany, Italy, and England. When Kemper was just five years old, her family went to St. Louis. Then in a suburb of Ladue named “St. Louis”, she attended a school named “Conway Elementary “. She attended a high school named “John Burroughs”. Here she got interested in theater and comedy. Actor, Jon Hamm, was her teacher there. She has also done a debut in 1999 at “Velled Prophet Ball”, which is a dance held each December in the USA. There she got named as the “Velled Prophet Queen Of Love and Beauty”. In 2002, she went for her graduation to the Princeton University. She completed her graduation in “Bachelor of Arts” in English. In 1999, she used to play hockey at Princeton University. Even during her first year, her team went for the national level championship, but in later years, she left it to concentrate more on theater. Then she went to Oxford University and completed her graduation degree from there. She has also worked for a radio spot for the brand “Dunkin Donuts”. She has also won a “Screen Actors Guild” Award for commercial advertising for the period of one week. During 2000, she used to appear on comedy sketches on the show named “Late Night With Conan O’ Brien”. She has also contributed for “The Huffington Post”, which is a political liberal. In 2007, she performed in the comedy “How To Kick People”. Then in 2008, she appeared on the show “Saturday Night Live”, which is a comedy show. In 2009, she made an appearance in “Subtle Sexuality”. She also made her appearance in the comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. Her performance on this show was appreciated a lot. She has also received a nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award during 2015 and in 2016, for her performance, she received an Emmy Award. During the summer of 2015, she worked as the co-host temporarily in “The Today Show”. She is a catholic. Her boyfriend was Michael Koman, whom she married on 7th July 2012. Michael is a writer as well as a comedy creator. In April of 2016, she revealed herself to be pregnant.


Emmanuelle Riva

Emmanuelle Riva, born as Paulette Germaine Riva, is a French Actress. She was born in Chenimenil, a commune in France. She was the only daughter of Jeanne Riva and Alfredo Riva. Jeanne descended from Lorrainian and Alsatian farmers’ family. Alfredo was an Italian migrant from Lombardy, who was employed as a sign painter. She, while growing up, aspired to become an actress who was primarily disapproved by her father. However, in her teens, she continued to take part in school’s theatrical productions and participated in amateur theater/dramatic groups. Ultimately, she had to give in to her father’s wish. After completing her schooling, she started to sew and became a seamstress. Though she left acting but never left the wish to become an actress. Luckily, she once saw an ad for a competition organized in the road Rue Blanche in Saint-Georges district of Paris by the Dramatic Arts Centre. She came to Paris in the springtime of the year 1953. For the contest, Riva performed in front of the prominent actress of those times Jean Meyer and Comedie- Francaise’s directors. She enacted a segment from a play by dramatist Alfred de Musset. Her performance mesmerized the judges and their committee who then awarded Emmanuelle a grant/ scholarship. Her first stage debut as a professional was a role in comedy drama Arms and the Man production by George Bernard Shaw. She next performed some classical characters in plays including L’ Espoir by Henri Bernstein, Mrs. Warren’s (written in 1893) Profession by Shaw, Britannicus by Jean Racine, and Le Dialogue des Carmelites by Georges Bernanos. In 1956-57, Emmanuelle made her television debut with Enigmas de L’ Histoire. It was a historical anthology series in which Emmanuelle played the Queen (Her Majesty) of England. The next year, she did an uncredited feature film The Possessors. She was cast opposite Jean Gabin (screen legend). She continued doing theater plays in Paris. At the event of one such production, L’ Epouvantail, she was approached by Alain Resnais. She was in her green room when Alain offered her a role in his first full-length film as a lead actress. He was impressed by previous presentations of Emmanuelle and thought she was apt for the lengthy dialogues in the movie ‘Hiroshima mon amour,’ especially because of her voice quality. Alain took her photographs to the screenwriter of the film who, upon seeing the photos, also agreed that Emmanuelle was the right choice for the main lead. Her role was of an unidentified French actress who gets caught up in an abrupt but profound relationship in Hiroshima (post war) with an architect of Japan. She was highly acclaimed for this role, and the film became a huge success. She was a nominee for a BAFTA Award in 1960 for the movie. Emmanuelle’s impressive act in “Hiroshima mon amour” brought her to the notice of many other directors. She then worked in Le Huitieme Jour by Marcel Hanoun as a lonesome young woman, in German- occupied France opposite Jean-Paul Belmondo, and in Kapo by Gillo Pontecorvo as a victim in concentration. In German- occupied France, she portrayed the role of an agnostic widow who is in a sensually charged relationship with a preacher / priest. Emmanuelle, in 1962, got the Volpi Cup at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Actress for her acting in Therese Desqueyroux by Georges Franju. Her role was as a married (unhappy) wife who poisons her spouse. Some of her pictures are ‘The Hours of Love’, ‘Thomas the Imposter’, ‘La Fin de la Nuit’,’ Risky Business’, ‘La Foret Noire’, and ‘I Kill, You Kill.’ Riva also started publishing her collections of poems in 1975 with Le Feu des miroirs. Some of her other writing works include Juste derriere le sifflet des trains, Hiroshima in 1958, L’ otage du desir, and Tu n’ as rien vu a Hiroshima. Her other notable acting works comprise of ‘Gilocchi, la bocca’, ‘Liberte, lanuit’, ‘Venus Beauty Institute’, ‘Three Colors: Blue’, ‘A Man and His Dog’, and much more. She also published in France and Tokyo the photographs of Hiroshima during the period they were filming Hiroshima mon amour. Her most recent work was in Michael Heneke’s Amour in 2012. The film has won numerous awards including BAFTA, Cesar Award, NSFC Award (National Society of Film Critics) and a nomination in Oscars. She used to sleep in the set of Amour during the night to preserve her energy for the challenging role. She once said that being an actor is like being a cat having an opportunity to live nine lives. Riva never got married and had no children.

Emmanuelle Riva English Actress