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English Movie Actress Bryce Dallas Howard
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Born on 2nd of March 1981, Bryce Dallas Howard is an American Actress, writer and director. She lives with mother Cheryl and father Ron Howard along with three other siblings in her family. They were mostly raised in the Westchester County and also in the farms of Connecticut. 

All of Ron’s kids were kept in a much protected kind of an atmosphere where they were kept far away from the world of showbiz. Her father, however, allowed her to make her debut by appearing in his movie Parenthood as an extra in the year 1989, when she was only 7. Bryce attended Greenwich Country Day School. In the year 1999, she went to Bryam Hills High school and graduated with a degree of Bachelors in Fine Arts in Drama in the year 2003 from Tisch School of Arts, NYU. She worked in several plays before her breakthrough in the film industry. Among the many plays she appeared in House and Garden (2002) and As You Like it (2003) are some. Her role in The village in 2004 which was a fantasy thriller by Shyamalan is believed to have been her breakthrough role. She also made her appearances in movies like Hereafter (2010), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), 50/50 (2011) etc. 

She was believed to have done her own stunts despite the fact that she was pregnant with a son in the movie Spider-Man 3 that came in the year 2007. She was a pure vegetarian before her pregnancy, but she shifted her diet to eating meat after giving birth to her son. Seth Gabel Seth Gabel is an American Actor who predominantly >> Read More... and Bryce met each other at NYU. They dated each other for 5 years before culminating their relationship into marriage in June 17, 2006. Bryce gave birth to her son Theodre in the month of February 2007. 

She suffered from post-partum soon after giving birth until 18 months. She was able to recover under the guidance of her therapist and physician. She was blessed with a daughter in January 2012.


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