Alice Eve English Actress

British actress Alice Eve was born on 6 February 1982. Her parents are also actors. Thus, acting was in her genes. She changed her school thrice while studying. In her childhood, she was bullied by her schoolmates but did not give up and worked hard for her studies.

She went to Oxford university for higher studies. She has two siblings, brother Jack Eve and George Eve In an interview given to ES magazine, she said that acting genes are inherited by her from her parents. It’s in her nature, not the nurture.

It’s purely her parents who have given her natural talent. But being the child of actors, there was always a pressure on her to give her best and become successful. Alice started her career with television serial. She entered in the movies from the filmStage Beauty in 2004 and had acted in over 30 movies. Has also done plays in her career. She married Alex Cowper-Smith in 2014 but, soon after three years, they got divorced in 2017. Before marrying Alex Eve had a love affair at college with Adam O’Riordan.

Alice deals with an eye disease called heterochromia where each eye has a different color. She had seen ups and downs in her personal and professional life but never given up and has always worked hard. Few of the known movies in which Alice acted are Sex And The City 2, Men In Black 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Before We Go Click to look into! >> Read More... Before We Go , Night At The Museum, and She’s Out Of My League.

Miss Eve made a controversial statement when she posted on Instagram that actress Bruce Jenner is portraying a woman in the American tv series 20/20. Bruce got offended and later Eve apologized and deleted for her post. Alice wants to be a screenwriter someday.

Alice has been criticized again and again for her not so creative fashion sense about dresses Her dressing sense is poor. She was also in the limelight for her dirty dancing with actor Bradley Cooper Born as Bradley Charles Cooper on 5th January 1975 >> Read More... Bradley Cooper at the after party of BAFTA Awards. She was also in the jury committee of BAFTA in the year 2014.

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