William Mapother is an American film actor, popular amongst the international audience for his work in movies like Another Earth (2011), In The Bedroom (2011), Tell Me How I Die (2016), etc. Mostly known for his pre-dominant involvement in Hollywood movies, dramas, and English TV series, this veteran actor has been working in the film industry for more than thirty years now.

Born on 17th April 1965, in Louisville, Kentucky, US, William is the son of William Reibert Mapother Sr, a bankruptcy consultant, judge, attorney, and Louisa Mapother. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a major in English, he worked as a teacher in East Lost Angeles before establishing himself as an actor. Over the years, William has built a reputation for himself as a character actor, who usually plays dark and scary characters.

In 2007, he was elected for the Screen Actors Guild on the National Board of Directors. Apart from movies and TV shows, he has also played his part in a couple of video games, namely Fallout: New Vegas and Hitman (2016) where he portrayed Colonel James Hsu and Dino Bosco respectively. William is one of the founding members Slated, which happens to be a finance and tech company for the film industry.

Will Arnett English Actor

Will Arnett

This “Emmy-nominated comedian” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” fame star with his raspy deep throated voice has won the hearts of millions of fans. Born on May 4th, 1970, in Toronto, Ontario he is well known for his “Arrested Development series”. The Lego Batman movie fame Canadian actor has established his position in Hollywood with his acting in ‘28 movies and over 35 TV shows that include “Sex and The City’ and “Bo Jack Horsemen”. His hoarse and guttural voice has earned him roles in various animated flicks including the character of ‘Mr. Perkins’ in “Despicable Me”. Also, his distinctive gravelly voice recorded in voice recital work for CBS television publicity, commercial programs, and trailers of films. With his estimated net worth which is around “$12 million”, he has been one of the most famous Canadian actors working in Los Angeles. Arnett does not belong to a filmy family background. His father was a corporate lawyer, and his mother was a brewer. Even after being enrolled in Concordia University, Montreal his passion for acting never left him and he decided to drop out of college after one semester. His mother’s incitement made him take the risk of tossing his luck in show business. He began by auditioning for commercial and made his debut by starring in the movies as a minor role. At the age of 46, the man has amassed quite a wealth from the various projects he has taken. Arnett has had an engaging dating and married life which involves ‘Penelope Ann Miller’ and ‘Amy Poehler’ as his ex-wives and is currently dating 30-year-old interior designer ‘Elizabeth Law’. Although the actor is well-liked for his light-hearted comedy roles, in real life, he has struggled with sobriety for years. Will had admitted that during the initial years of his career, when his strife met not being able to get much work, Arnett stuck to the path of alcoholism and wasting himself away. While his career got back on track he pushed this habit aside but recently in an interview Arnett, himself shared - writing, producing and starring in a semi-autobiographical series titled “Flaked” made him perceive the effect of role on him in real life. Released on Netflix, Flaked did not receive the expected warm response from the critics that made him open up. He shared that the show being inspired by his real life brought change in his temperament and behavior. His personal life tethered various controversies regarding his married life especially his second marriage after the affair. Arnett and Penelope Ann Miller have maintained silence over the reason why they separated. The couple got separated in 2012 after nine years of marriage bliss and two sons whose custody they now share. Nevertheless, in April 2007, Entertainment Weekly adorned Will Arnett with the title "Future King of Comedy." And in May 2007, Arnett was awarded rank nine on the "Top 15 Sexiest Nerd Boys" poll by Best Week Ever. Will Arnett, as an adorable public figure, recently kicked off his Lip Sync Battle with Alison Brie finding the answer to the final question “Who let the Dogs Out?” With over 375K followers on Twitter, Arnett is looking forward to his awaited venture “The Lego Batman Movie in 2017”. Apart from playing dim-witted characters, Will speaks fluent French and is an X-box freak.


Willie Garson

William Garson, full name, William Garson Paszamant, a prominent American actor, was born in February 20, 1964. He has worked in more than 75 movies, and more than 300 Television episodes. He is well recognised for portraying Stanford Blatch in Sex and the City, the HBO series and the related film series. He also played role of Mozzie, in the White Collar series of USA Network from 2009 to 2014, and performed in Hawaii Five-O as Gerard Hirsch. Garson was raised in Jewish family to Muriel (née Schwartz) and Donald M. Paszamant in Highland Park, New Jersey. He adopted his son in 2009, who was seven at the moment. He attended Camp Weekela in Hartford, Maine for 11 years, as a child. In 1895, he went on to receive his theatre degree from Wesleyan University and attended Yale Drama School as well. Garson started his career in 1986 movie, ‘The deliberate strangers’. He had a recurring character of Henry Coffield on NYPD Blue. He performed in various TV series, Mr. Belvedere, My Two Dads, Coach, Quantum Leap, Monk, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World , Ally McBeal, Party of Five, Special Unit 2, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, The X-Files , Cheers, Yes, Dear, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Just Shoot Me!, Pushing Daisies, Stargate SG-1 (3 episodes), Wizards of Waverly Place, CSI: Miami, Mental, Spin City, and Taken, to name a few. He starred in HBO series, in the year 2007, in the show John from Cincinnati. He said he feels fortunate to have worked in long running shows. In the interviews, he regularly shared his back stage and shooting experiences which have not been less than a laugh out loud situations. Garson is credited with numerous movies like There's Something About Mary, and Fever Pitch, Groundhog Day, Freaky Friday, Just Like Heaven, Being John Malkovich, Labor Pains, The Rock, Fortress 2: Re-Entry, and Out Cold. He had a cameo in the end credits of Jackass Number Two, the full context of the cameo was explained in Jackass 2.5. He supports several charities: Joslin diabetes camp, Habitat for humanity, Young artist United, Big brothers etc. Even though, he is a famous personality, his dating and relationship status stayed unknown to the media. He has a good sense of humour and certainly takes his acting career seriously. He has given impactful performances in almost every show and movie he has structured for the record.

Willie Garson English Actor