Tyler Christopher (full name, Tyler Christopher Baker) took birth on November 11, 1972, in Joliet, Illinois, United States. By profession, he is an actor. He started his career in acting in the year 1996. He owns a website www.tylerchristopher.com. He grew up in Delaware, Ohio. He is a native American. His mother’s name was Jimi-Ann, she was of Choctaw decent, and his father’s name was Jim Baker, he was of Seneca decent. He has a very clear and strong opinion, as for being a Native American; he says that his community knows him because of his work and entertainment.

He also says that his community is a minority and there are not many people like him, so there is very less competition. For his higher education, he went to Ohio Wesleyan University and studied there for two years, and then left everything and moved to Los Angeles. He was married to Eva Longoria between the years 2002-2004 but got divorced in the year 2004 because of various unresolved differences. Then in October 2006, he publically accepted his relationship with Brienne Pedigo and also announced their engagement the same year. The couple got married on September 27, 2008.

On October 3, 2009, the couple had their first son named Greysun James Christopher, while they started living in Los Angeles. Then in October 2014, rumors were going around about them going to have their second child due in May 2015. Then on May 3, 2015, Tyler took it to Twitter to announce that Brienne has given birth to their second child, a daughter, and named her Boheme. He is very popular for the roles that he played on ABC’s Soap Opera named General Hospital. He played the character of Nikolas Cassadine between the years 1996-99, 2003-11, and 2013-16. He is also known for his role of Connor Bishop from 2004 to 2005.

In the year 1999, he also appeared as Michael in Catfish in Black Bean Sauce, Dan in Face the Music, and Ethan in The Pretender. Also in the year 2001, he appeared as Signore Christofero in the popular series Days of Our Lives, Clubgoer in Felicity, Cole Melby in Out Of the Black, etc. Then he did some great roles in Crossing Jordan in the year 2003, Into the West in the year 2005, Secrets of a Small Town in the year 2006 and The New York City Kitties in the year 2009. He also won the Soap Opera Digest Award once, and First Americans in the Arts twice.

Trey Tucker English Actor

Trey Tucker

Trey Tucker is an English actor who works in Hollywood. Trey is also a model turned actor who is best known for his acting in the match maker's playbook, the space between us and the midwestern methamphetamine fairytale. Trey prior being a model was a web developer and aspires to be a social anthropologist someday. Presently residing in Los Angeles, trey started his career in acting with the show frank. Frank is an American television series created by Frank Caliendo that was first telecasted on 20th November 2007. The show was a comedy on the late night talks of George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Dr. Phil. The next project he has performed in is a small four-minute video titled Lou ann petty: a soldier's wife that released in 2013. The video revolves around the soldier's wife who waits for her husband to return home. Directed by Marco Bottiglieri and written by Lou ann the video features trey as the soldier and Lauren babits as his wife. Directed by Peter chelsom trey's first film was the space between us which released on 10th February 2017. Written by Allan loob, Richard Barton Lewis, and Stewart schill it is a science fiction film revolving around Gardner Elliot who was the first human born on Mars and his relationship with Tulsa, a girl on earth. The story takes a turn when Gardner's organs could not withstand the earth's atmosphere. The film was a super hit. The matchmaker's playbook was his next feature; a romantic English venture released this year itself. The story revolves around a former NFL recruit Ian hunter whose career has just ended, but he is back on the campus for a new beginning. written by joany Kane, the film was made by Tosca Musk. His latest release has been the neighborhood nightmare which is a TV movie directed by Jake Helgren. The plot revolves around a girl, her bachelor love and the fears she experiences about her family's safety. Trey played the role of a deputy Marino in the film. A midwestern methamphetamine fairytale is his another work produced by jay ward and sean Martinez. Trey has won various awards like jury price, excellence award, etc.