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English Movie Actor Tom Butler

Notable for his role in the TV movie, Hostage Rescue Team, Tom Butler was born in 1951 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Being an actor and stuntman, he has contributed to more than 200 films in the Hollywood film industry. The journey of him initiated when he was casted as Younger Cop for the movie ‘Drying Up The Streets.’ The film released in 1978, which became a blockbuster. Impressed by his acting, various directors gave him a chance to work with him for the TV movies ‘Off Your Rocker,’ ‘For The Record,’ ‘Bridge To Silence,’ etc.

His appearance could also be seen in the TV series ‘The Commish,’ ‘The X-Files,’ ‘Dead Man’s Gun,’ etc. In his initial days, he worked as a stuntman for the movie ‘Bloodfist VII: Manhunt.’ He was also given thanks for the renowned film ‘Pop Switch.’


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