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Simon Barrett is a renowned producer and screenwriter in America. He had worked with film director Adam Wingard Adam Wingard is an acclaimed writer, director, and >> Read More... , Joe Swanberg Joe Swanberg was born in Detroit, Michigan on 31st >> Read More... as a screenwriter and has won several accolades and awards. Adam Wingard’s two popular movies ‘A Horrible Way to Die’ and ‘You're Next’ won best screenplay award for Simon Barrett at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas held in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Simon Barrett was also the co-producer of these two above-listed movies. In the year 2014, Simon wrote the screenplay for the movie ‘ The Guest Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ which was directed by Adam Wingard again and it casted Dan Stevens Daniel Jonathan aka Dan Stevens is an English acto >> Read More... , Maika Monroe Maika Monroe who was born on May 29, 1993 is an Am >> Read More... , Brendan Meyer. The film won many accolades from film festivals and even was the highly successful movie in the box office. After successful teaming up with Adam Wingard in the much-acclaimed movie ‘A Horrible Way to Die’, he continued in developing a strategy even to act, produce and write a film for Adam. Hence, he appeared as an actor, wrote the script and even produced the movie ‘You’re Next’. In the year 2011, Simon produced the movie ‘Autoerotic’ which was directed jointly by Wingard and Joe Swanberg.

Simon co-wrote the script of the movie along with directors Wingard and Joe. Again Simon-Wingard- Joe teamed up and wrote the script for the movie ‘What Fun We Were Having’ (2011) which was directed by Adam Wingard. This film was based on four stories of sexual assault. It was screened in Fantasia Festival. It was almost a reverse role for Joe Swanberg in the year 2013 when he directed an erotic thriller movie ’24 Exposures’, and he had cast Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett in lead roles. In this movie, Adam played the role of photographer and Simon plays the role of detective and performs investigation for murder and solves the murder mystery. In the year 2012, Adam and Simon again collaborated together for ‘The ABCs of Death ' which had 26 different short stories and both had a free rein to develop a story in this film. In the year 2012, there was a famous movie ’V/H/S’ which featured a series of footage shorts directed by Adam Wingard and David Bruckner.

For this movie, Simon Barrett edited, co-wrote and even acted in the movie. Together Adam and Simon teamed up together as a director for the sequel of V/H/S which was titled as ‘V/H/S/2’ (2013) and Simon also co-wrote the script. Currently, Simon is busy writing the screenplay for two movies ‘The Woods’ perhaps even could write the screenplay for remaking the Korean movie 'I Saw the Devil' which released in 2010. Both the movies are expected to be directed by Adam Wingard.


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