Hollywood Actors Paid To Die On-screen!

Hollywood Actors Paid To Die On-screen! English Article

Steve Buscemi On December 13, 1957, a Friday, in Brooklyn, New Y >> Read More... Steve Buscemi

Some of the popular films he died in Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Monsters Inc. (probably), Twenty Bucks, Desperado, The Spirits Within, The Grey Zone Things, Domestic Disturbance, Final Fantasy, Miller’s Crossing. Perhaps its Steve Buscemi's inalienable urgency that makes him such a ready contender for silver screen demise. It's as though, by law, the performer's characters are not allowed to endure to the end of any flick, simply because of the way that they look.


The man himself is, obviously, one of Hollywood's best and most prominent character performing artists, however – and he'd likely be the first to concede – he's not an especially nice looking fellow. A quality that, in this industry, frequently spells doom.

Gary Busey Rated as one of the top American actors, Gary Buse >> Read More... Gary Busey


Some of the popular films he died in are as follows... Man With a Gun, Surviving The Game, The Magnificent Seven Click to look into! >> Read More... The Magnificent Seven Ride, Point Break, The Firm, Drop Zone, Wild Texas Wind, Straight Time, and so many other films. We know Gary Busey is always on set, in the first place because there’s something good and glorious about watching that man die.

Though there is no real no actual need for Busey character to go down dead, film producers always want just to write out a quick scene during their lunch break so that they make sure he dies in that film because that’s one of the reasons why he is being paid.


Gary Oldman One of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Kno >> Read More... Gary Oldman

Some of the popular films he died in are as follows: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Sid and Nancy, The Fifth Element, Leon, Air Force One, In Space, JFK, Hannibal, State of Grace, Leon, Bram Stoker’s Dracula these are some of the films that he was paid to act dead. Gary Oldman most times is always on set, and he is murdered, some of the films that he stared in will always start tragic, assuring his death right from the beginning of the movie.


 For a while, in fact, he used to be Hollywood’s always available guys for mentally unstable or insanely disturbed bad guys. But even his turn in the Potter film made sure that his act would end in death. Yet, it is always such a great pleasure to watch or see him get killed time and time again.

John Hurt John Vincent Hurt, is an actor who was born on 22n >> Read More... John Hurt


Notable Deaths Include Sinful Davey, 10 Rillington Place, The Ghoul, I, The Elephant Man, Heaven’s Gate, Claudius, Spectre, Watership Down, The Osterman Weekend, Alien, Spaceballs, The Wild And The Willing, Gideon’s Way and East Of Elephant Rock. He has ended up dying in more than 40 of the films that he has ever starred to date.


His most popular film death, which also may happen to be among one of the most popular film deaths of all time, is the one in which the actor is bust open by a great monster known as “the chest burster." 

Sean Bean This guy made it all! From decapitation, to behead >> Read More... Sean Bean


Notable Deaths Include Patriot Game, The Island, Far North, Fellowship Of The Ring, Don’t Say A Word, Equilibrium The Hitcher, Outlaw, Cash, Death Race 2, War Requiem, GoldenEye, Airborne, Essex Boys, The Lord of the Rings, Lorna Doone, Caravaggio.

Who else did you truly believe would be sitting here at number one? Yes, the loveable and unobtrusive English performer has discovered shame the world over as "that on-screen character who gets killed in every motion picture he's in."

And to get directly to the point, it’s a notoriety merited. Sean Bean has been killed 22 times through the span of his vocation, a sum that takes up the dominant part rate of his parts to date (something like 90% of Sean Bean motion picture parts end in death while with John Hurt its around half).