Top 10 Game Of Thrones Deaths English Article

It’s very true for this show “If you like someone in the show, never get attached because nobody knows what lies ahead.”

It’s the list for the top 10 game of thrones deaths. 

10) Lysa Arryn- She was the unbalanced sister of Stark empress Catelyn Stark. She was seen many times breastfeeding her son. She grew suspicious about her husband Peter’s loyalty to her, and that was clearly evident when she saw Peter kiss her niece, Sansa Stark. The death of Lysa Arryn was excruciating as we see Peter pushed her down into a hole. Her death was painful, but she shouldn’t have come in between Little finger and his aims.  

9) Jojen Reed: Though he couldn’t keep his word up to the last, Jojan certainly did help Bran commence the journey to his fate. Jojen’s loyalty to his vouch ultimately led him to death. A Wight (resurrected corpse, both human and animal, raised from death by the touch of White Walkers) stabbed him multiple times and was mercy-killed by his sister Meera Reed and blasted by a fireball so that he doesn’t himself turn into a White Walker.

8) Ygritte- A deadly warrior and also a fierce fighter with a bow in hand, was exceptionally stunning, who never should have been underestimated. Despite all her strength she fell weak only due to her passionate love for John Snow, that is why she was unable to kill him with an arrow. Her one dialogue ‘YOU KNOW NOTHING, JOHN SNOW’ seems as epic and famous as the show itself. A child Archer had made his arrow gash deep inside her back when she was standing still aiming her bow at John with her eyes fixed on him.

7) Shae- The ex-prostitute who won the cunningly witty imp Tyrion Lannister’s heart finds a valuable mention in this list. When Tywin Lannister found out about Tyrion’s sneaky promiscuousness and tryst with his whore lover Shae; Tyrion had to send her to a safe tavern. Eventually, her testifying against Tyrion in the trial and her presence in Tywin’s bed led her to suffocate till death in Tyrion’s hands.

6) Viserys Targaryen- The older brother of Daenerys Targaryen is worth mentioning in the list. Delusions of grandeur and power maligned him and made him blind. His megalomaniacal characters and actions proved ultimately to be disliked by viewers. He led his sister’s hand to an uncouth tribal man Khal Drogo. Khal Drogo appeased his desire for the crown pouring hot molten gold on his head, and he died in anguish.

5) Joffrey Baratheon- Perhaps, one of the most despised kings of the television, Joffrey was a horrible brag. He found great delight in owning his authority over his subjects; his most kills add up to affliction and death which is why audiences cheered up to see him suffer in agonizing pain due to choking and lastly succumb to poison.

4) Tywin Lannister- It takes a man of inconceivable authority to send the king back to his room. Needless to mention the power and sheer shrewdness, the one time hand of the king and insanely wealthy, Tywin Lannister possessed. He spent his dying moments wondering the fact that it was his son Tyrion who killed him.

3) Eddard Stark-Eddard Stark is such a character whom the viewers dearly adored and respected for his justness and ingenuousness. Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell, should have had a stabilizing upshot on the seven kingdoms if Joffrey hasn’t been the king. He was duped to a devious ruse, and he confessed to a crime which he didn’t commit and due to this, he was beheaded in front of the city and his daughter Arya. After his death viewers must have got the idea that there is no character on the show that is safe.

2) Oberyn Martell- Despite his little cast span he made an impressive stand due to the appealing way he was utterly annihilated. Prince Oberyn Martell was a repetitive character in the 4th season of the dearly loved show. During his last years, he was seeking vengeance for his sister’s deranged condition. He was put to deathbed while resplendently fighting. Ser Gregor Clegane squeezed his head until it popped open.

1) Catelyn, Robb and Talisa Stark- Okay, this is not a single character, but we can’t even imagine any character other than this to top the list. The un-expectable death of Robb, his wife Talisa and Catelyn Stark has held every viewer by surprise. They went so above par to show the multiple stabbing of Talisa’s body and gruesome slit opening of the throat of Catelyn.