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Many famous personalities are there, whose immense contribution to the television series ‘ Glee Glee is one of the most in-demand and eminent Amer >> Read More... ’ has made it attractive to the audience. One of them is Kevin McHale. By the way, ‘Glee’ is an American TV show, which basically focuses on Romantic and Comedy drama. From May 19, 2009 to March 20, 2015; it kept winning the heart of many people throughout the world. Kevin McHale is an American actor.

Not only an actor, he is a singer, dancer, and radio personality also. Kevin was born in Plano, Texas. He was the youngest of four children. He spent his earlier life with Disney Channel Actress and Demi Lovato Demi Lovato was born on 20 August, 1992. Her birth >> Read More... (Singer). By the way, he took admission in the Santa Clarita Valley in California for educational purpose. Soon after completing his education, Kevin joined the American boy land NLT, which symbolizes for “Not Like Them.” Thus, he started his music career.

This musical troop released their very first video song “That Girl.” Later, McHale, along with his band mates, wrote another song named “She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go).” However, on April 30, 2009, activities of this band came to an end due to the splitting of the members. But, McHale used to write songs in his spare time. In 2015 again, Kevin, along with Chris Moy, and Justin Thorne, wrote the song “ Heartless Click to look into! >> Read More... .” The same year, he came on the screen in the music video of Thorne’s song “Summer Nights.” Some other songs, where also he had starred in videos, are “ Karma Click to look into! >> Read More... ,” “Blacklight,” “Somebody Loves You,” etc.

In the year 2007, he entered into the world of filmography. He made a guest appearance in the comedy series ‘ The Office Story Coming Soon >> Read More... .’ He acted as a pizza delivery boy in the episode “Launch Party” of season four. In the same year, he also played the role of ‘Neighbour Neil’ in the short film ‘Ruthless.’ In 2008, he acted in the show ‘True Blood.’ However, the time from 2009 to 2015 of his life was most eventful. Because, during this six years, he remained busy in the TV serial ‘Glee.’ In 113 episodes of this show, we can see him as “Artie Abrams.” Due to his outstanding performance in ‘Glee,’ McHale won the ‘Screen Actors Guild Award’ in 2010. In the episode “Dream On,” he sang a song named “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

In a third season episode, he also danced to a Michael Jackson’s song “Scream.” In between these six years, he acted in many TV series like ‘Whose Line is it anyway? (Episode: “Kevin McHale”),’ ‘MasterChef (Episode: “Top 14 Complete”),’ ‘Chatty Man (Episode: “Summer Special”),’ etc. Afterward, we can see him in the episode “Icy Nights” of the serial ‘ We Bare Bears ‘We Bare Bears’ is a popular animated American sit >> Read More... ,’ in the episode “Heads Will Roll” of ‘ Chopped Junior Story soon >> Read More... ,’ etc. In 2015, he acted in three TV shows named ‘The Numberlys,’ ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ and ‘Celebrity Juice.’ Presently, he is working as the host of “Sick of My Own Voice” on ‘Dash Radio’ with other three hosts.


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