Jeff Garlin is a multi-talented person who encompasses the qualities of a producer, comedian, actor, podcast host, writer and much more. He had acted in many television shows and some films. Garlin hails from Chicago, Illinois. He was born to Gene and Carole Garlin. Michael is his younger sibling. His hobbies in school included playing sports, but he relinquished his hobby because of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. He is an alumnus of Nova High School, Florida. Garlin studied film at the University of Miami. Jeff is married to Marla Beth Cahan, and the couple has two sons. Being an all rounder in the industry, Jeff has honed a successful career. Jeff was exceedingly influenced by comedians of his childhood. Jeff Garlin had starred in the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (1999). He was the executive producer as well. He had been in collaboration with “The Second City” and had worked in the box office too. He had helped Denis Leary and Jon Stewart in developing the direction and editing the scripts of their shows “Lock-n-Load” and “Unleavened” respectively.

Jeff had fabricated and appeared in critically acclaimed shows like “I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With”, “Uncomplicated”, “Concentrated”, etc. He was executive producer of the documentary “ Finding Vivian Maier” in 2009. Garlin directed “Dealin’ With Idiots” too. Garlin was the author of the book “My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World”. It was released on February 23, 2010. Jeff hosts a show titled “By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin”. Jeff lives with his family in Los Angeles.

Jeff Bridges English Actor

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is a movie actor as well as a producer and singer from America. He was born on the 4th of December 1949. Both of his parents belonged to the entertainment industry. His father belonged to the business aspect of it while his mother had hands-on experience with acting and writing. His real brother who is elder to him also works in films. He accompanied his father during the distribution of the stage drama Anniversary Waltz. It must be this exposure which inspired him to get into the same field as well. Later, he studied at the Institute called Herbert Berghof Studio while he was in the New York City. He had started featuring in films at a very young of two. However, the role which brought him a lot of attention was in the motion picture The Last Picture Show. For his work in this movie, he was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor Award by Academy Awards. He made the record of being one of smallest artists by age to have been selected for such an Award. Similarly, he also became one of the oldest heroes at 60 years of age to win the same Award for film Crazy Heart. The next time he got the same award was for the motion picture Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. He was also a part of the very famous and widely successful new version of the movie King Kong. He was involved in the film Tron of 1982 and its sequel- Tron: Legacy. Once again, he secured a nomination by Academy Awards, this while in the group of Best Actor for his role in the motion picture Starman. He also did a film with the name Fearless, which earned him wide critical acclamation. People argue that it is one of his best works so far. He got honoured with an invite into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The picture The Big Lebowski gave him the opportunity to play the best role he had ever. He portrayed an individual named The Dude in this movie. Apart from acting, he is very passionate about singing. He was a part of the several singers singing We Are the World for charity. He has released quite a few albums till date some of which include Jeff Bridges and Sleeping Tapes. The money which got collected from the sale of these records went to His charity named No Kid Hungry, which is a very humanitarian move. He has also co-authored The Dude and the Zen Master together with Bernie Glassman.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor. His leading role films and shows include John Winchester on Supernatural. He is currently playing the role of a character named Jason Crouse on the T.V show "The Good Wife. He is very famous for his character Denny Duquette in the medical show Grey’s Anatomy for the parts of all the three seasons. Presently, he is working out his body to portray as Negan in AMC’s called The Walking Dead. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born in Seattle, Washington to Sandy Thomas and Richard Dean Morgan. He was a student from Ben Franklin Elementary school which is in Rose Hill Junior High, and some of his educations were done in Lake Washington, high school in, Washington. He aspired to become a professional basketball player during his childhood, but due to the knee injury in his life, he gave up his desire to play basketball. Then he put his interest in graphic arts, but his fate intervened him. Finally, he got acknowledged that his destiny is acting and preceded with his career in acting. One day, he said that he had fallen in love with the acting and got the bug, and that was how the love affair has started. He is featured in most of the television shows compared to films. He appeared in over 25 films. He began acting from 1991 with the movie Uncaged. He was acknowledged by everyone as a star of 1996-1997 television series called The Burning Zone and simultaneously appeared in three television series. He also appeared in the guest role in many shows. Morgan also acted in the P. S. I Love you which is a novel written by Cecelia Ahern, which is the most romantic love story released in 2007. He had a huge crush on Nancy Wilson of Heart since childhood who had trained him in playing guitar for this movie. Another film featuring Morgan is The Accidental Husband which is a romantic comedy film released in 2008, and is directed by Griffin Dunne and his co-star is Uma Thurman. In 2008, he acted in a thriller movie The Resident and also the drama film Days of Wrath in the same year. In 2009, Morgan featured as a cigar-champing anti-hero in Watch Men. In 2011, he appeared as a homicide detective in Texas Killing Fields, directed by Ami Canaan Mann, which is an American Crime film. He is very active now in both movies and T.V shows. He is presently acting in a most sensational T.V show series "The Good Wife" that is premiered on CBS and much more. Morgan married Anya Longwell in 1998 and divorced in 2003. In 2008, he engaged to his co-star Marry-Louise. In 2009, Jeffrey had a former girlfriend Sherrie Rose; she alleged that he was her son’s (Dean Morgan) father. He was in a relationship with Hilarie Burton in 2009, and married her in 2014, and is happened to be her second husband. They had a son Augustus on March 2010. Recently, Jeffrey had kept himself in danger by losing 40 pounds for a new role on the T.V show Texas Rising in the unhealthiest way possible. Morgan is a die-hard fan of Seattle Seahawks. He enjoys spending his free time with his friends, and his hobbies are painting, writing, and reading. He enjoys laughing as much as possible. People often get confused with him and Javier Bardem, an actor, as both look similar.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan English Actor