It is surprising and even thrilling if we aim for something small and win which is incredible. We might have never given a thought of it, but it so happens that they meant us. Sometimes in life, we are so lucky enough to achieve great things that we never thought we could. The same thing happened to Jed Brophy. All he thought was to stick to the theater and make his living. But he couldn't deny when someone came to him and said that something more than the present is waiting for him. That might be because of mere luck, but he had to prove himself to continue there. He did it and gained accolades all through. Jed Brophy was born on October 29, 1963, in New Zealand. He had a great childhood, and he grew passion towards the theater.

After his schooling, he decided to study Drama and after four years, he graduated in 1987. Soon after his graduation, he just wants to try his hand at theater and make money out of it. But at a particular point of time in Taki Rua theater, while doing a show, the co-writer of Braindead saw him and introduced to Peter Jackson. Soon, they have their meetings and became close friends. In the late 1980's, Jed Brophy entered the film industry. By the time he met Peter Jackson, he had appeared in a minor role in a television serial. He played the role of a Policeman in 1988 film Small War On The Edge Of The Town. Though it didn't get any response, that was his debut appearance on the screen. Soon, he papered in the 1992 zombie film Braindead.

He took the role of Thomas Jacob "Void" Randell. This movie starred Timothy Balme and Elizabeth Moody. In his career, he also played some roles in television series and movies like Return to Treasure Island, The Enid Blyton Secret Series, The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson, etc. The relationship between Peter Jackson and Jed Brophy is never ending. Every movie which had their partnership did well at the box office. In 2001, his role as Nazgul in The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring gained many critical responses.

In 2002, he did duel roles as Sharu and Snaga in The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. As a part of venture crew, he played a role in King Kong. Then he is also famous for his character Nori in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Series in three consecutive years 2012, 2013, 2014. Jed Brophy is not just an actor, but also a Stunts Teacher at Toi Whakaari and Whitireia's College Of Performance Arts.

Jean-Louis Trintignant English Actor

Jean-Louis Trintignant

Jean-Louis Xavier Trintignant, born on December 11th,1930, in Piolenc, France, to Claire and Roul Trintignant, is a proclaimed actor, writer, and director. He was interested in drama since childhood and made his debut in theaters at an early age. He made his first debut in 1951 and was said to be one of the best actors of France of that time. At the tender age of 20, he moved to Paris to pursue his career in drama. His first appearance was in the year 1955, and since then he gained immense popularity. In 1956, he gained popularity when he was paired opposite the famous actress, Brigitte Bardot, in the movie, And God Created Women. However, in between, his career was interrupted due to military service, which was mandatory for him. However, after his return to Paris, he continued with his career in the industry. He played the main lead role in A Man and a Woman, which was assumed to be one of the best French classics of that time. He made collaborations with famous Italian directors of that time and his work was seen in A Great Silence, Violent Summer, Desert of the Tartars, and La Terrazza. Jean also appeared in several films during that time including Confidentially Yours, Three Colors: Red, ‘Amour’, and 21 Years Later. He made his first English movie, Under Fire, in 1983. However, his primary focus was stage performance rather than films. Jean hails from an affluent family, with his uncles being very well-known race car drivers. It was for this reason that he was the first choice of Claude Lelouche for the role of a racer in A Man and a Woman. Jean married twice. He first married Stephane Audran, who was an actress, and he then married Nadine Marquand, who was a film artist, writer, and director. They had three children- Vincent, Pauline, and Marie. Jean received several awards, some of which are Silver Bear for Best Actor for The Man Who Lies in 1968, Cannes Award for Best Actor for Z in 1969, European Film Awards for Best Actor for Amour in 2012, and Cesar Award for Best Actor in 2013.


Jeff Conaway

Jeff Conaway was an American actor. He was born on 5 October 1950 in a town of Manhattan, New York. Jeff’s parents were Charles and Helen. His father was a publisher, an actor, and a producer. His mother was an actress. His parents separated when Jeff was of three years. Jeff’s two elder sisters and Jeff used to live with his mother, Helen. Jeff had very close relations with his grandparents. As Jeff enjoyed their company, he has enough Southern accents. It gave him an opportunity to act with his mother in a play named 'All the Way Home'. At the age of 10, Jeff played a starred role in the show. Jeff became popular. It was nominated for the best play in Tony Award. He did one preview and 333 performances. He completed his studies from Quintano School for Young Professionals. He had also worked as a model. He performed with a rock band. Then at the age of 15, Jeff studied at the North Carolina School of Arts. Later, he moved to New York University. Coming to his career, Jeff acted in television ads the NYU. He played a lead role in 'The Threepenny Opera', a school production. He had his first romantic drama in 1971 titled as 'Jennifer on My Mind'. Coming up, he played a lead ingénue of Danny Zuko in 'Grease'. He played that role for more than two years but his friend, John Travolta left. In 1978, both of them reunited in the movie Grease. John appeared as Danny Zuko and Jeff as his friend Kennickie. In 1975, Conaway came up in various series on television and three movies. He then portrayed the character of Bobby Wheeler, a struggling boy but handsome in a comedy series 'Taxi'. He featured in 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'. After the third season of Taxi, Jeff left. Conaway presented himself as a guest on many shows like 'George & Leo', 'Murder, She Wrote' and 'Barnaby Jones'. Jeff had acted in films such as 'Do You Wanna Know a Secret?', 'Jawbreaker', 'Mistress of the Dark' and much more. Jeff also starred as Mick Savage in 'The Bold and the Beautiful' from 1989 to 1990. In the film 'Babylon 5', he acted as Sergeant Zack Allan. Jeff was a great singer and a guitarist of a rock band. In the 1960s, he came up with his many Cameo records. In 1979, a self-titled album came up for Columbia records. Jeff married three times. At the age of 21, he married to a dancer. However, after two years it revoked to break. Jeff then married to Rona Newton-John. In addition, his last one was with Kerri Young. Coming to his achievements, Jeff was nominated as the best supporting actor for Taxi in the year 1978 and for Golden Globe Awards in the year 1979. Conaway died on 27 May 2011. The reason for his death was pneumonia and overdose of drugs. Jeff was addicted to drugs, cocaine, alcohols, and painkillers.

Jeff Conaway English Actor