James Vincent Russo is an American television and film actor. He has acted in more than 156 films in last 30 years.

James Russo was born in the New York City. He graduated from New York University (NYU). He was the scriptwriter for a prize-winning short film named The Candy Store and also got starred in it. Before he started acting, he was a gravedigger and worked as a driver for a driving company. He spent his childhood in Flushing.

Russo got his break from a 1981 movie named Chicago Story. He got starred in many films of the 1980’s era. His one of the most effective breaks came in 1982 for a classic comedy movie named Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Once again in 1984, Russo appeared in the movie named The Cotton Club. He played a hood Bugsy in Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America.  Russo played the role of a rapist in the Extreamities(1988). He was also in the cast of the suspense, drama and thriller film Freeway.

During the 1990s, Russo worked in the State of Grace (1990), My Own Private Idaho (also 1991) and A Kiss Before Dying (1991). Russo had also played in the 1994 movie Western Bad Girls, and the 1997 movie The Postman. In the year 2009, he played a small role in Michael Mann's film named Public Enemies.

In the year 2003, Russo reunited with his co-star, Kevin Costner from the movie The Postman, in the Western film Open Range. James is also known to make guest appearances on many TV and dramas, some of them are, The Equalizer, CSI, and the TV series named Miami Vice during 1984-1990.

During the summer of 2009, Russo played in the psychological thriller movie 7E along with co-actor Brendan Sexton III and actress Natasha Lyonne. The film is yet to release.
In Django Unchained (2012) he was playing the role of supporting actor, under the direction of Quentin Tarantino. He was also in the Bastille's music video named "Of the Night". He was the winner of Theatre World Award for the movie Extremities in 1983.

James Purefoy English Actor

James Purefoy

James Purefoy is the English actor, director, and producer. James Purefoy was born to Anthony Chetwynd and Shirley Purefoy. James was born in the City of Bristol County at Taunton. He spent his childhood in Somerset, the place near Yeovil, England. After schooling, he worked as a porter at the Yeovil District Hospital, and he also worked at the city pig farm. He then traveled throughout Europe doing one or other job.  At the age of 18, he went back to college to appear for the A-level exam. One of his exams had drama; that was the time when he started taking the interest in acting. He applied for the acting course at Central School of Speech and Drama, London and was selected too. Purefoy was playing a lead role in a drama during his final year; there he was spotted by a casting director from RSC. The director was so impressed by his work that he invited him to join the company.  Purefoy worked at the RSC for two years; he performed in 8 productions. For the next six years, he divided his time between jobs in theater and television. He is mostly known for his roles in the HBO series Rome and The Following. Purefoy continued to work in the theater till the 1990s. Purefoy’s life changed in 1999 because of his extraordinary portrayal of the caring brother in the feature film Mansfield Park, a movie based on the works of Jane Austen. He used this exposure and continued to act in superhits like Maybe Baby (2000), Resident Evil (2002) and Vanity Fair (2004). Purefoy appeared for the screen test to portray James Bond in the year 1995 for the movie GoldenEye, but he did not get the role. Purefoy was supposed to replace Pierce for future Bond series. Purefoy was the lead cast for the role of V in the 2006 Film V for Vendetta but due to creative differences with the team, he discontinued it after filming it for six weeks. Few clips of the movie contain some shots of Purefoy. Conjecture told that he departed because he had an opportunity to play the role of James Bond in Casino Royale. One announcement came in June 2014 that Purefoy could join the cast of the flick High-Rise with actors Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston. In late 2014, he featured in a music video of David Guetta.  Purefoy’s son named Joseph was born in 1997 with his first wife, Holly Aird. He married documentary movie producer and director Jessica Adams in Somerset in July 2014. He has a daughter with Jessica named Rose (born 2012).


James Stewart

James Maitland Stewart was an American General in the USAF, and then he became an actor.He was also known as Jimmy Stewart. He was born to Elizabeth Ruth Jackson and Alexander Maitland Stewart. His mother was an excellent pianist, so music always had an important part in his life. Since childhood, James had a dream to go into aviation sector. He worked for it too, but later he ended up taking the United States Naval Academy because of his father. He was an excellent student, his professors appreciated him for his thesis on an airport design, and he also received a scholarship for his graduate studies. James started working in play in 1932. James made his screen debut with a short movie Art Trouble (1934). After that, he worked with MGM, and slowly he started gaining popularity. He played high profile roles in the 1930’s. He completed his final theatrical project in 1991. He appeared in more than 92 movies, television program and short films. He has five films listed under 100 greatest American films at the American Film Institute; these included Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, Vertigo, and Rear Window. His films are considered to be classics. He usually portrayed American middle-class human struggling with crises. James was in the U.S. Army in the 1940’s. During the years of World War II, he gained the rank of a colonel. First, he became an instructor in the United States, and later he went on combat missions in Europe. He remained in the U.S. Air Force Reserve team after the war; he retired in 1959 from the post of a brigadier general. James Stewart won many awards during his career, including Academy Award for the Best Actor (1941), and Golden Globe Award for best performance (1974). Stewart was a calm, down-to-earth human being. He valued hard work. He was a soft-spoken, kind and a true professional. He was married to model Gloria Hatrick Mclean. He adopted her two children Michael and Ronald. He got the gift of twin daughters, Judy, and Kelly on May 7, 1951.  James’ wife died in 1994 due to lung cancer. He lost his stepson Mclean in 1969; he died while serving in the Marine Corps.  

James Stewart English Actor