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James Nitti is a British Actor, originally from Yeovil, Somerset in England. His skin colour is white. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and he weighs 64 kilograms. His hair colour is blond. He has light blue coloured eyes. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. James started his life by attending school at Westfield Community School, which he later changed and got into Millfield School. His strong built and athletic shape is a result of playing competitive sports at the early age. He seemed to know where he wanted to end up in life in the school itself.

He has been enthusiastic about music and theatre ever since. James seemed to know that his whole life is going to be spent on stage, in front of the camera. At the age of 9, he was seen in a television drama. James realised what he had to do to make a living. At the age of 12, he worked in multiple pieces for next 5 years and also became a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. He took his mere passion of acting to a professional level after he moved to Guildford, Surrey. He trained there for 3 years at the well reputed Guildford School of Acting.

After developing his skills, he began working at Guildford School of Acting itself for some time, waiting to grab the bigger opportunities. After graduating James became part of some West End Shows and UK tours which turned out to be life-changing for him. James got the lead role of Bobby in the West End Smash hit 'Dreamboats and Petticoats' at the Wyndham's Theatre in Leicester Square. James Nitti was a music lover and he had no problem in performing the role of Bobby Croft.

He was excited for his role as it was straight out of the fifties, rock character. In fact, the audience loved him for his role praised him for his effortless performance. He starred in the movie “Dragons of Camelot”, as the character of Galahad (lead role), the only son of King Arthur Click to look into! >> Read More... . This experience for him was phenomenal and movie insiders raved about his performance in this role, though the movie didn’t get any success with a rating of 2.4/10 by IMDb. ’I would love to work with Ian McKellan from the Lord of the Rings. He idolises Tom Hank and Daniel Day Lewi’s’ he said in an interview.  


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