Michael Clarke Duncan English Actor
  • DOB : 10-12-1957
  • Date of death: 03-09-2012
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Michael Clarke Duncan, an African-American actor, was a celebrity who was most popular for his portrayal of John Coffey in the 1999 super hit The Green Mile. Apart from movies, he also lent his voice for various animated movies. Duncan’s birthplace was Chicago, Illinois, where he was raised all alone by his mother, Jean. She used to work as a house cleaner on the south side of Chicago. Duncan wanted to be a professional footballer while in high school, but his mother disallowed him fearing he would injure himself. This was when he decided to take up acting as his career. He went to community college after finishing high school. He worked for a gas company in Chicago initially as a ditch digger. Dissatisfied with his job, he quit and came to Hollywood and took odd security jobs, like working as a bodyguard. In this period, he was able to get a few unnoticed roles in movies. Finally, he debuted with the movie Armageddon in 1998, but the movie that brought him into the limelight was The Green Mile in 1999.

His portrayal of an ex-convict received overwhelming critical acclaim, awarding him an Academy Award nomination for the Best Supporting Actor. After the phenomenal success of the movie, he was lined up with films, namely The Whole Nine Yards, Planet of the Apes and The Scorpion King. He also played the iconic comic book villain Wilson Fisk in the 2003 movie Daredevil. He later appeared in The Island and Sin City, both hardcore action movies. Famous for his deep baritone, he also did voiceovers for numerous animated movies like Brother Bear and its sequel, Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Legend of awesomeness is a Popular T >> Read More... Kung Fu Panda among others.

He has lent his voice for numerous TV shows and video games as well. Apart from his roles in films, he did guest appearances on many TV shows including The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Two and a Half Men, to name a few. He also regularly appeared on the talk show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson was born on May 17, 1962. He was bo >> Read More... Craig Ferguson , in which he appeared a total of 18 times. After stopping meat consumption in 2009, he also volunteered for an ad campaign by PETA, in which he explained about how vegetarian diet is beneficial for increased strength and other physical and mental health. On July 13, 2012, he a massive cardiac arrest took a toll of his life. He stayed in the ICU for more than a month fighting his heart attack, but finally gave in and expired on September 3, 2012, just at the age of 54. He was engaged to his girlfriend Omarosa Manigault, a reality TV celebrity, during the time of his demise. He was finally rested at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California. He had a really successful career, in which he achieved all the fame that he commanded. May his soul rest in peace.