Birthday: 09-04-1926
Age: 93
Star sign: Taurus

 Born on April 9, 1926, in Chicago, as Hugh Marston Hefner. He is known for bringing out the adult entertainment magazine 'Playboy’ in the year 1960. Hugh featured Marilyn Monroe in his first issue who was known for playing 'blonde bombshell' characters and known for becoming a famous sex symbol of the 1950s. Playboy turned out to be a multi-million dollar enterprise often contributing groundbreaking sex and nudity stories for the cover.

In the year 1949, he married Mildred Williams and divorced her in 1959 having two children out of this wedlock.  Then, it was in 1989 July, the celebrity married Kimberley Conrad and stayed with her until March 2010. And then this marriage did not work out either, and they headed for a split.  Out of this marriage, he had two children.

Till his last breath, he, however, continued with his third wife, Crystal Hefner, but he was famous for appearing with numerous girlfriends in public. He is known for his universal style of attending any press meet with wearing a smoking jacket. He was such an influential person in Hollywood that he could demolish Mont Clare Theatre in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Illinois.

He starred in the movie 'Hop,’ which is a 3D action and animated movie from Universal Pictures. In the year 2009, he featured himself in the comedy movie 'Miss March’ that released in 2009. He appeared in the reality show ‘The Girls Next Door' which aired on E! Channel from August 7, 2005, until August 8, 2010. Kevin Burns and Hugh Hefner were the creators of the series.

He had an early sign of journalistic talent, and this could be understood when he was a high school student ass he floated a newspaper. He also created a comic book that catered to youngsters. Even in this semester, he took up Sociology to do sex research for an institute established by Alfred Kinsey.

He, later on, became a copy editor for Esquire magazine. After this encounter in journalism, he floated his own magazine ‘Playboy.’ He is still remembered as the persona of Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner passed away on September 27, 2017, in California. He was 91 years old.

Nicolas Vaude English Actor

Nicolas Vaude

Nicolas Vaude was born on 24th July, 1962 in Paris, France. He is 54 years of age at present. He is a very popular French Actor and has very appealing personality. He started his career in the year 1986 and still contributing to the industry. He has done theater and movies as well. He did the play Clerambard and the author of this play is Marcel Ayme and the director of this play is Jacques Rosny. The play Clerambard is about an aristocrat who goes beyond everybody’s imagination and does every possible to find food for himself; this movie has a unique concept and audience liked it very much. Nicolas got nominated for the Moliere best new comer’s award for the play named Clerambard. He has got many awards for his outstanding performances in the theater as well as in the movies. He also did the play named Dom Juan in the year 1987 and the author of this play is Moliere and the director is Jean-Luc-Moreau. People also know Dom-Juan as The Beast of the Statue, this play is in five parts and this is a French comedy play. Dom-Juan is an amazing play and has a unique concept and Nicolas has done a great job in the play and slowly and gradually and achieved huge success. In the year 1998, he got again nominated for the Moliere New Comer’s Award. He did plays like Britannicus in the year 1988, The Cherry Orchard in the year 1990, The Seagull in the year 1993 and much more. In the year 2008, he got nominated for the category of Best Supporting Actor. He did the movie Travelling Avant in the year 1987 and the director of this movie is Jean-Charles Tacchella. Travelling Avant is about two people who meet during the screening of Suburbs and became great friends and this is how story goes by. This is an outstanding film and Nicolas did a great job in the film. He also did the movie Les Amies de ma femme in the year 1992, the director of this movie is Didier Van Cauwelaert. Les Amies de ma femme is a French comedy in which a man hates his wife’s friends but later discover their qualities. In the year 1998, he won the Rencontres Internationales De Reims best Actor’s Award. He did many TV series like S.O.S. disparus, Jules Ferry and much more.


Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas is a veteran Hollywood actor and director who grew up with time. He had no basic training in acting but known for his explosive acting style. He gave up shyness and even wanted stronger roles in his career. According to the actor, he has never been a modest actor at all. Hence he broke all studio contracts given to him in stages of his career and rolled out his own movie company, Bryna Productions, named after his mother. The first project to come out of this studio was ’Out of the Past’. He starred in this film with Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. This film was directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Warren Duff in the year 1947. Douglas was nominated for an Academy Award for the role in movie ‘Lust for Life’, with his co-star Anthony Quinn winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar as Paul Gauguin, van Gogh's friend. Douglas won a Golden Globe award, although Minnelli said Douglas should have won an Oscar. This was his last Oscar nomination. He was first nominated for Oscar as a boxing hero in Champion (1949), and with this movie, he became an international star. He won the second nomination for Oscar for the movie 'The Bad and the Beautiful 'which was directed by Vincente Minnelli and produced by John Houseman. Some of his earlier movies that fetched him honor in acting include 'Young Man with a Horn'  which is a 1950 movie and ‘Detective Story’ which is a 1951 movie directed by William Wyler. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Douglas was a major box-office star, playing opposite some of the leading actresses of that era. He often loved to play a cowboy character. His personal favorite movie was ‘Lonely Are the Brave\ (1962), in which he played a cowboy. In 1951, Douglas starred as a newspaper reporter anxiously looking for a big story in Ace in the Hole, director Billy Wilder's first effort as both writer and producer. The subject and story were controversial at the time, but it showed the free press movement. Douglas Possibly said the move was indeed a "hit too close to home". It was director Billy Wilder's first effort as both writer and producer. This film won an award at Venice film festival but did not do well in box office, But today, the film has been placed in the ranking of 500 top movies of the world.  This film is credited with the intensity of his acting and even today many Hollywood stars feel no other actor could have done the role. Besides acting in movies, the actor even appeared in TV serials and directed some movies. This happened in between 1970 and 2008 when he made 40 movies and appeared in many TV serials. He directed his first film 'Scalawag' .In 1973 and again returned to director chair for 'Posse' (1975). He also appeared in TV film named 'The Secret' (1972) which was aired on TV. In 1988, Douglas also appeared in a television adaptation of ‘Inherit the Wind’, which won many Emmy Awards. This actor was born on December 9, 1916, in Amsterdam, New York. He had faced a lot of hardship in earlier days of his time. His son is also a renowned film producer and won an Oscar for his film' One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' which his father had purchased and acted on stage at Broadway theatre. His son produced the movie and won his first Oscar award. Even before joining cinema, the actor was married to Diana Dill, on November 2, 1943, and had two sons, Michael Douglas and producer Joel Douglas out of his first marriage. He divorced her in 1951 and tied again knot with film producer Anne Buydens on May 29, 1994. He is aged now 101 and still living! One of the best capability in him that he is not an idle or bed-ridden person, He is the oldest celebrity blogger in the US. His topic is carried out in many newspapers columns.

Kirk Douglas English Actor