Eddie Redmayne, whose full name is Edward John David Redmayne, is a theatre as well as film actor from London, England. He took birth on January 6, 1982. His mother name is Patricia née Burke who has business in relocation, and father's name is Richard Redmayne who works in the corporate finance sector. Besides them, he has three brothers and one sister in his household. Sir Richard Redmayne, his paternal great-grandfather, was a mining and civil engineer. Eddie is an alumnus of Colet Court, Jackie Palmer Stage School, Eton College, Eaton House, and Trinity College, Cambridge. Eddie studied the history of art. Prince William and James Corden were his classmates in Eton College and Jackie Palmer Stage School respectively. Eddie suffers from color blindness. In 2008 and 2012, Eddie modeled for the brand named Burberry with Alex Pettyfer and Cara Delevigne respectively.

His first stage play appearance was in the Twelfth Night wherein he essayed the character of Viola. Since then, he has been a part of several such projects and has won prestigious awards for many of them. Lucy Bevan, a casting director who was searching for the lead for Like Minds, saw him performing in Goats, and decided to cast him in it. Since then Eddie has worked in The Good Shepherd, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, and many others. Besides films, Eddie has also impressed the audience on the small screen with The Pillars of the Earth, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, and others. Eddie has also dubbed for Early Man, an animated motion picture with sports as its theme.

He is the recipient of one Golden Globe Award, Tony Award, BAFTA Awards, Academy Award, and others. Of all his performances, his portrayal of Stephen Hawking, a legendary scientist, brought him the most accolades while his work in Jupiter Ascending brought him the most ridicule and the Golden Raspberry Award's Worst Supporting Actor. Eddie is married to Hannah Bagshawe, who is an executive of public relations. Their wedding anniversary falls on December 15. The couple has a daughter named Iris Mary Redmayne. In 2014, he became the Into Film's ambassador. It is a charity of film education. In the following year, he became the Officer of the Order of the British Empire of the 2015 Birthday Honors. Eddie is also very vocal about his support for the LGBT community and has spoken about its homeless youth on several occasions.

Drake Bell English Actor

Drake Bell

Drake Bell is an actor in America, who was born on 27th June in 1986. Professionally, he also works as a singer and a song-writer. He is involved in multi instrumental work. He took birth in California. During his early career in the 1990s, he gave a start to his career with the acting profession, when he was just five years old. He initialized it by acting for ‘Home Improvement’. He also appeared in many commercials like Pokemon Red and Blue, a development of Game Freak. He is also very famous for his acting into the American comedian show “The Amanda”. In the animated series of Disney XD named “Ultimate Spider Man”, he was the voice of Spider Man. He has even appeared in reality TV show “Splash”, which was developed by “Eye Works”. Along with acting he started his musical career in 2000. He has worked as the co-writer and indulged in performing the theme song “Found a way”. Then in 2005, there was the release of his debut album named “Telegraph”, a release under the name of “Bell”. Then in 2006, his other second album “Its Only Time” was released. Then in 2008, his first album “Drake Bell in Concert” was released. In 2011, there was the release of his AP named “A Reminder”. Afterward in 2014, his third album “Ready Steady Go” was released and during its first release week, only 2000 copies were sold. The name of his parents are Robin Dodson and Joe Bell. Robin was a professional player of billiards. His older brothers were Robert and Travis, whereas his older sister is Kellie. From 1991 to the present, he did many movies including - Initial Guitar Lessons, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, Telegraph, Its Only Time, A Reminder and Ready Steady Go, etc. Talking about his personal life, he suffered a car accident on the highway “Pacific Coast” in Los Angeles. While driving with his friend, there was a collision with red light, and this left Drake with fractures on his neck and vertebrate. This resulted in his losing his jaw and teeth and for healing purposes his face got wired. During 2007, he bought a house of 2,640 sq. ft. for $2,050,000. During the early years of 2014, he went bankrupt and therefore his house was foreclosed. Sources acclaimed him to be in the debt of $5,81,000. In 2009, he got arrested due to a DUI and in 2010 the court gave order for charges. Then on 21st December of 2015, he was arrested in California for the same and was released on the bail of $20,000. Even his license got suspended for the same and on 21st March 2016, he appeared in court.


Paul Blackthorne

He is a British Actor, who works in films and television. He is famous for his work in the Oscar-nominated Hindi film ‘Lagaan’ and for numerous T.V. shows such as ‘The Dresden Files’, ‘Lipstick Jungle’ and ‘Arrow’. Along with his work in acting, he is also good at photography and has organized many exhibitions and raised money for many social causes. Born in England in the city of Shropshire, he spent most of his childhood days in the military bases of the British army in Germany and England. He started his acting career at the age of 12 with the National Youth Music Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival in 1981. Later, he went to Spiritual Psychology of Acting in London from 1996-98. Before coming to acting, he spent most years in 90’s, traveling around the world and exhibiting his photography. He first came into limelight when he bagged the role of Captain Andrew Russell in the Hindi film Lagaan. It was his debut film. He recalls that he spent six months in learning Hindi for preparing his role. This movie became a big hit regarding collections and appraisals from audiences. The movie went to Oscars under the category ‘Best Film in Foreign Language’. He also acted in the critically acclaimed ‘Four Corners of Suburbia’ followed by ‘Mindcrime’ and Easton Ellis’s ‘This Is Not An Exit.’ He came back to the mainstream cinema through ‘The Truth Game’. His Oscar campaign brought him to Los Angeles, which helped him to grab roles in T.V. shows including ‘24’ followed by ‘The Dresden Flies’ and ‘Deadwood.’ In the year 2012, he was cast as Detective Quentin Lance in the American T.V. Series ‘Arrow’. This show is very popular nowadays and has been nominated for the best new drama at the People’s Choice awards in 2013. He has also played several cameos in different T.V. series before coming to lead roles. He played an Irish terrorist in American T.V. series ‘Burn Notice’ in one episode. He played a role of arms dealer in the T.V. series ‘Leverage.’ Later that year, he also played Christian Harper in ‘The Gates.’ In his personal life, he is reportedly dating actress Kaley Cuoco. His recent history of work is that he has completed his documentary movie titled ‘The American Journey’. In this documentary, he has featured two men who travel across American interviewing people on daily basis, questioning them about the state of their country and their hopes for their future. He says that the most surprising thing of this documentary was the shattering of stereotypes. He says that he likes to watch movies and honestly, he is not a big fan of T.V. shows. He held an exhibition named ‘Delhi to Manhattan’ in New York. It tells about a journey from the Himalayas through Tibetan communities and ended up meeting with the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala as a part of the “the Missing Peace’ project and donated all the money from this exhibition to the Tibetan children’s in India.

Paul Blackthorne English Actor