English Stage Artists ( 0 - 12 )

Bob Geldof

Stephen Campbell Moore

Phyllis Diller

Fabrice Luchini

Eriq La Salle

Doris Roberts

Bill Maher

Bill Irwin

Ben Hardy

Baz Luhrmann

Ariana Grande


Stage Artist

A Stage Artist basically refers to a performer. They are people who perform on a low key level rather than movies or televisions. It includes those who perform skits, drama and those who perform live concerts. They perform live on stage.

This could either be in the form of a play or a song or a mime or even a monologue. Generally, people begin their acting career by being a stage artist. Stage artists are those who have the ability to emote, act and express themselves.

Stage artists are said to be the most spontaneous people as they most connect with the audience. They perform not for money but for the passion and love that they have towards it. What makes a good stage artist is in the way they portray themselves up on stage. It is said for a fact that these people keep constantly rehearsing and updating themselves to the current trend.