David Morse is an American singer, actor, director, and writer. David was born on 11 October 1953 in Beverly, Massachusetts to Jacquelyn and Charles Morse. He is the oldest of the four siblings and have three younger sisters. He has a middle name Bowditch which came from the mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch. He is very tall of height 6' 4'' and has blue eyes. He has performed in theatres before debuting in the movies. After graduation from High School, he joined William Esper Studio to study acting.

He appeared in over 30 productions and began his professional career with Boston Repertory Company. Till 1977, he continued working with them and then moved to film and television. David made his film debut with Inside Movies in 1980. He played the character of Jerry Maxwell who turned into a basketball player from a cheerful bartender. This movie was nominated for Oscars but his career had to wait for few years to take off.

In 1982, he had been cast in St. Elsewhere from where he climbed the ladder of success. He played the role of Dr. Jack Boomer Morrison who struggles as a single parent. In Contact, he was co- stars with Jodie Foster and Jena Malone. The movie was an Oscar-nominated sci-fi. He was the first amongst the English- speaking actors for getting nominated for Golden Horse Award. In a mini- series John Adams on HBO, he played the role of George Washington. He got married to Susan Wheeler Duff Morse in 1982 and has three children, Eliza and twins Benjamin and Samuel.