Dante Briggins is an American model and actor. He was born in Bronx, New York. He was just 21 when his acting career started. He walked out of an H&M store and realized that he had to become an actor. He started with modeling and bagged various small roles in different movies and music videos. He went to Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. He started with 2013 Kung Fu and Titties, where he played the role of Shirtless Oiled Guy. During his college times, he was a dedicated football player and also did some wrestling. He has always believed in a healthy and steady lifestyle and always tries to keep himself fit. He featured in Broken Record as the male lead and also in the Where the Angels Sleep. He is known for his comic roles in many movies. He featured in many big films, but in small roles like The App, Furious 7, Avengers, Spectre and even in The Hunger Games. He even appeared in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, playing the role of Police Officer. He also appeared in the long awaiting Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

He appeared in the role of a Stormtrooper. He also enjoyed modeling, as he did various ramp walks in Bronx Fashion Week. He is a known identity in the modeling world. He is an outstanding actor and especially his comic roles are loved by all. His role in Kung Fu and Titties was a hilarious affair. He could turn anyone into a laughing machine. He is a very talented actor and is expected to do better in the coming years. He already has many upcoming projects including Money Monster, The Reunion, Doctor Strange, StarWars VIII. He has a special liking towards fiction and is included in many superhero fiction movies. His nickname is Tayy-B and is a renowned personality in the film industry.

David Midura English Actor

David Midura

David Midura is an American actor. He is known for his small stints in some new movies. He was born in Midwest, Michigan and was raised after that. He attended the Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Michigan and got his Bachelorette degree in Fine Arts Theatre Program from Michigan State University. He was interested in acting and stage performance from his childhood and tried his best in working along. He worked in many college plays and participated in various competitions during his college time. He joined The Purple Rose Theatre Company, which was his first acting class in his hometown. He was studying in East Lansing and had many opportunities to work in plays and improve his acting. He also appeared on stage in John Steinbeck’s classic “The Grapes of Wrath”. He enjoyed this feature while he was studying in East Lansing. He also attended the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival at the University of Illinois in Champaign. He joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was always hard-working and enjoyed his work. He later started working in Chicago and also tried to pursue his career in acting. He did various small gigs but did bag a role in Chicago Fire TV serial. The 2015 TV series earned very good reviews from the critics and is loved by many. He was the Tank top in it and was a popular character in the TV serial. He also did theatre in Lab Series, where he played as Ensemble. His work also got him a big role later in the Hollywood blockbuster Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. He played the role of Hero’s Park Tourist; the role was not a big one, but it was something he loved doing. He found himself very lucky to be a part of such a film and enjoyed working with some of the finest in the industry. His latest role gave him the confidence to go even further and get some great work to do in future. He is a fine actor and would like to express even more in his upcoming work.


Dan Amboyer

Dan Amboyer is a famous American actor. He is famous for his work in theatre and off-broadways. He is an exceptional actor and is known for his work in many plays and films. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. His parents are Dr. Donald Amboyer and Claudia, who raised him with full support. He went to The Roeper School and Interlochen Arts Academy. He was offered early admittance when he was at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. He was always interested in theatre and was involved in many plays. He shifted to New York after graduation and started performing in various TV serials and plays. He started taking a huge interest in theatre and in 2006, he appeared in Orange Lemon Egg Canary and later in As You Like It. He loved working in theatre and enjoyed it very much. In 2007, he also got his first role in TV serial All My Children and later in Law & Order. His role was small but was loved by all. His career then took a leap and became very busy in acting. He was involved in many Plays and TV serials in that period. He did several Off-Broadway plays like Bash’d, For he Love of Christ, Dido, Queen of Carthage and much more. He was the regular face in theatre and was known by many great actors. While his acting in plays was topping the charts, he did not stay back in TV serials as he appeared in various TV serials like Body of Proof, Inside Amy Schumer, and Unforgettable. His best work came from the role of Prince William of Wales in William and Catherine: A Royal Romance, which was a Hallmark Channel original film. It featured Victor Garber, Jane Alexander and Jean Smart. He received special praise for his work in this film and received many great reviews for his work. He is young and hard-working and is believed to succeed even better in the coming future. His latest stint Love the Coopers was also a great hit and was loved by many. He worked real hard in many off-broadways and regional theatre. He is also the founder of theatre company Exit. His work in theatre helped him to grow as an actor. He always credited his work improvement due to his theatres and regional acting. He is an aspiring actor and would like to continue his work in the acting industry.

Dan Amboyer English Actor