Barkhad Abdi, born on April 10th,1985, is a Somalian-American actor and director. He was born in Banadir, Mogadishu, Somalia. When he was six years old, the Civil War broke out, and so along with his family he moved to Yemen. His father took up teaching there for his livelihood. The family, later on, re shifted to Minnesota. He attended the Minnesota University there. According to Abdi, it was hard making friends as he had to learn a new language. Before entering into the film industry, he sold mobile phones and worked as a driver for his livelihood.

Barkhad made his debut in the year 2013 with the movie Captain Philips. He played the role of Abduali Muse, a hijacker and also a pirate leader. For this role, he got chosen from a large group of around 700 people who auditioned for the role in Minnesota in 2011. Abdi along with three more actors were selected. According to the director who took the screen test, the four were the only people who stood out amongst the large crowd. Abdi performed with Tom Hanks for the film.

Abdi resides in Los Angeles, California. For his role in Captain Philips he got nominated and even honoured with many awards including the Academy Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for, Chicago Film Critics Association, and MTV Movie Award, and Central Ohio Film Critics Award, which are prestigious awards in the film industry. He also featured in many movies like Eye In The Sky, and Wolf who Cried Boy released in 2015, and Grimsby, and Extortion launched in 2016. Abdi enacted the role of a drug dealer in Grimsby very well. He also appeared in many Television shows like Family Guy and Hawaii Five-O. In 2013, Abdi started working as an Ambassador for Adeso, an NGO founded by a Somali environmentalist. In Eye In The Sky, Abdi played the role of a young Kenyan intelligence officer and in Where The White Man Runs Away, Abdi played the role of a translator. Abdi owns a Somali restaurant called Madinah which serves delicious Somalian food.

Abdi also got nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and a Golden Globe Award. He also won a BAFTA Award, which is an annual British award.

Christian Stolte English Actor

Christian Stolte

He is an actor who predominantly works on American T.V. series. Along with that, he has played substantial roles in mainstream Cinema. He is famous for his role as Keith Stolte in ‘Prison Break’ and web series ‘Lake Dredge Appraisal.’ He has also acted in movies such as ‘Public Enemies’ and ‘Law Abiding Citizens.’ Born to John and Anosmia Stolte, in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, he was the single child of his parents, but he has four half-siblings from his father’s previous marriage. His father was a mechanical engineer and a guitarist. His mother was a music teacher in some local school of Missouri. He studied at the local Solidarity Academy along with two of the four half siblings. His family environment was music friendly which inspired him to learn and play music from a very young age. After his graduation, he left the city and went to Chicago for higher studies. There, he found acting and theater fascinating. He was often found more around the theater than in his lectures classes. As a result, he got some Broadway theater roles in plays like ‘Some Sad Day,’ ‘The Count of Tuscany’ and ‘Pillena course.’ His work was getting recognized, and he was getting famous around Illinois. Soon, he left the theater and pursued a diploma in the acting course. However, the fame he gained slowly faded away, and there was a time when he had no work at all in the field of acting and to support himself financially he played music in pubs and working part-time in hotels. In 1997, he was approached by his friend, who wants him to play lead in the play named ‘Canus Lunis Balloonis.’ He grabbed this opportunity. Later, he was awarded Joseph Jefferson Award for his role in that play. After this, he again came back into the picture. He was getting job offers, and he initially took up a role in a movie called ‘Stranger than Fiction.’ His role as Keith Stolte (the correction officer) in T.V. series ‘Prison Break’ helped him to gain success. He played the role of main accused convict named Clarence Darby in the film ‘Law Abiding Citizen.’ In 2012, he joined the NBC T.V. series ‘Chicago Fire’ portraying a character called Mouch. He is one of those celebrities who have succeeded in hiding their private life from the paparazzo. He is married but had not disclosed his wife. He has not shared any information about his private life and liked to remain introvert on this issue.


Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston is an English actor born on February 16, 1964 in Langworthy. He was the youngest son of Elsie and Ronnie Eccleston. When he reached the age of 19, he got the idea to step into the acting profession. It seemed that this inspiration came from watching television dramas such as 'Boys from The Blackstuff'. So, he joined Salford Tech and completed a two-year course on Performance Foundation and went on to get training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. He made his mark as a professional at the age of 25 in the stage play named 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. In 1991, he came to the attention of the audience via the film 'Let Him Have It'. In 1993, he was given a regular role in the series 'Cracker' through which he achieved recognition in the UK. After that, he was offered a variety of roles in movies such as 'Jude' (1996), 'Elizabeth' (1998), 'Gone in 60 Seconds' (2000), 'The Others' (2001), '28 days Later' (2002). He played the protagonist in the film 'Revengers Tragedy'. He got nominated twice in the category of Best Actor at the British Academy Television Awards, but he did not win on both occasions. In a poll conducted by Radio Times, he was voted the 19th most powerful person in Television Drama. In 2004, he received an impressive offer that he could not turn down. He was to play the ninth personification of the Doctor in the BBC science-fiction television serial 'Doctor Who'. Unfortunately, he withdrew from the series just after finishing one season. There are still doubts about the real reasons that made him end the contract so soon. In 2005, he was voted Most Popular Actor at the National Television Awards for his portrayal of the Doctor in the series. He was present as one of the jury members in the 2nd Amazonas International Film Festival. In 2006, he was seen as a narrator in the production of 'Romeo and Juliet' at the Lowry Theatre. He made a cameo performance donning the villainous Destro in the 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra'. In 2010, he starred in the BBC drama Accused, for which he won the International Emmy Award. He was married the same year, and he became a father in 2012 to his first child, Albert. In 2013, he had his second child, Esme. He divorced his wife in 2015. He also played a part in the movie 'Thor: The Dark World' in 2013. Apart from acting, he is a charity worker, a supporter of the British Red Cross, supporter of the research for Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

Christopher Eccleston English Actor