Birthday: 23-09-1978
Age: 40
Star sign: Libra

The struggle that instantly takes a man to a higher pedestal, life is not only about moving ahead, but it’s also about touching life while you are living, with a fit physic this man has driven hearts crazy. With a smile on his face and the courage of being daring, it’s ANTHONY DWANE MACKIE Anthony Dwane Mackie is an American actor; he was featured in feature films, televisions series and plays. Mackie was born on 23rd September 1978 in New Orleans Louisiana, the son of Martha and Willie, who is a carpenter who owned a roofing business, Mackie roofing. He attended Warren Easton high school and the New Orleans center for creative arts (NCSA) IN 1997.He later graduated from the Juilliard schools drama division as a member of group 30 which also included Actors Tracie Thomas and Lee Pace. In 2002, Mackie started his work as an understudy to Don Cheadle in Suzan-Lori Parks played top dog and underdog and won an Obie Awards for his role in Carl Hancocks Rux’s play Talk. He acted in feature films, televisions series and Broadway and Off-Broadway plays including Ma Ramey’s Black Bottom, Drowning Crow, McRule, A Soldier’s Play and Carl Hancock Rux’s Talk, for which he won Robie Award in 2002. Mackie acted in music albums, and his debut was in Eminem’s film 8 miles. He was a nominee of Independent Spirit Awards for Best Actors for movie brother to brother; his second nomination was for best supporting actor at the independent spirit awards. Mackie later made his appearance on a wider screen; he joined the Marvel cinematic universe and made his appearance in Captain America.

He also did roles in sports hits in million dollar baby and also won an Academy Award for his acting and after five years won the same award for the movie The Hurt Locker in 2009. Mackie also worked in a biopic of Olympian Jesse Owens, Antebellum slave revolt leader Ivan Turer his fit appearance made him the best choice for these roles, and he also did a biopic of jazz musician Buddy Bolden. Mackie as done several biopic of athletes such as Marcus Dupree, which was a documentary for ESPNSO for 30 series about the Philadelphia, Mackie started in the three plays by play Wright August Wilson at John K Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. Mackie has also participated in several times in the 24 hours plays held in New York City Mackie and his longtime girlfriend Selena Capital married December 2014. They have three children together. Mackie’s career was a long solitary walk of a man which was full of courage of being alone and determination to get what he wanted. Life is always not about colors sometimes it is also about darkness which has to be lightened.

Aaron Paul English Actor

Aaron Paul

Skills combined with talent will always make you a jack of all trades starting from a small step towards a mass career walk; it always needs determination and courage. All you have will make you what you are when talent unbinds his horizon, and this reminds us of “Aaron Paul”. Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born on 27th August, 1979, in Emmett, Idaho. His parents are Darla and Robert Sturtevant, and he was a premature baby. His ancestries were of Scottish, English and German descent. He studied at Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho. After his schooling, he moved to Los Angeles. Before starting his career, he acted in The Price Is Right, which was in the early 2000’s. He was interested in playing games as a young boy, which gained him $132. He worked at Universal Theater in Hollywood as an usher. In 1996, Paul participated in the International Modeling and Talent Association competition, which was held in Los Angeles. In this competition, he came out with flying colors as an international model bagging the runner-up. He started acting in musical videos for songs like “Thoughtless” and “White Trash Beautiful”. He also starred in television communications for Fruit Corn Pops and Vanilla Coke. He started appearing in films from 2000 onwards. He is well known for portraying Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, for which he won several awards, including the Critics Choice Television Award for the Best Supporting Actor, Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Primetime Emmy Awards for Supporting Actor, in many drama series. He is the only actor to gain the award five times (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014) as it was separated into two categories- one drama and the other comedy. Paul began his career with roles in several music videos and guest roles in television series, before taking minor roles in films. Since 2014, he is the voice of Todd Chavez on the Netflix animated series, BoJack Horsemen, on which he is also an executive producer. Aaron Paul married Lauren Parsekian on 26th May, 2013. However, the wedding crowd did feature a few celebrity presence. All the guests gathered sang the song together, along with the music band, which made the ceremony a memorable one. In 2013, Aaron and Parsekian worked hard to raise $1.8 million for their campaign for a nonprofit public organization. As a result, Idaho Governor Butch Otter announced 1st October as “Aaron Paul Sturtevant Day” at a ceremony at Boise’s Egyptian Theater. Aaron Paul also did an aspiring job as a social activist and also helped the needy. It portrayed his responsibilities to society, not only for fame, but also building a society where everyone lives in harmony and peace. Small actions need no big thinking, but need a heart that is selfless to help.


Norman Reedus

When talents are portrayed on stage, they give rise to voice, when the voices are for a change; the world always becomes the best place to live. He is also a photographer, sculptor, and painter what more that’s “Norman Reedus”. Norman Mark Reedus is a well-known American actor. Reedus was born in Hollywood, Florida on 6th January 1969. He is of Italian, English, Scottish and Irish descent and he was raised in Los Angeles. Reedus completed his college at Bethany College. Although spent his childhood in various countries like Japan, Spain, and Ireland however, Reedus was an excellent painter, photographer, sculptor and video artist; he also contributed many artworks at several shows in several countries. He was also an exceptional actor; he acted in the play at the Tiffany Theater, which is on Sunset Boulevard, and the was named Maps for Drowners. Reedus also was a multi-talented person, he acted in numerous films, appeared in and created several videos, done video game voiceovers, and modeled for various fashion designer, most recognizably Prada in the 1990s. Reedus is noted for part as Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead” television horror drama series. Reedus debut film was The Guillermo del Toro, which is Horror thriller film Mimic in 1997. He also did several roles in various films like Dark Harbor, Six Ways to Sunday, Blade II, American Gangster, Deuces Wild, Gossip, 8mm, Moscow Chill and Hero Wanted, which also proved his clarity of work and acting skills to be exceptional. Further, his career also continued, and he did many roles in various films in 2005, he had a bit part in the movie Antibodies. Reedus also started in the film Red Canyon in 2008. Reedus also played as Murphy MacManus in the movie The Boondock Saints. He also asked to play in the sequel of The Boondock Saints II: (2009) All Saints Day. Reedus also started his career in series in 2010 began playing Daryl Dixon in the television series The Walking Dead, a horror drama which was based on zombies which created hype between the crowd and many viewed the series on a regular basis. Which made Reedus famous among television stars Reedus had a successful career which covered not only acting, modeling, and arts, but also his awards. In 2012 for his Portrayal of Dixon he was nominated for The Saturn Award for the Best Supporting Actor. Reedus, who has modeled for Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Prada, Durban, Levi’s, Lexus, and Morgenthal Fredrics. Reedus not only as a talented person but also, an activist he posed for a Cruelty-free International ad in support of ending cosmetic test on animals. Reedus is also a painter, photographer, and sculptor he currently shows his artwork in galleries in New York, Frankfurt and Berlin. He released a book of photography on 31st October 2013 called “The Sun’s Coming up….. Like A Big Bald Head” and in September 2014 announced a fan art compilation called “Thanks For All The Niceness.”

Norman Reedus English Actor