Born in Inglewood, California on December 4th, 1973 is a multi-talented woman. She is a model, business woman, spokeswoman and an actress. Her mother Carolyn London is also a photographer and influenced Tyra in her career. When Tyra Banks was at the age of fifteen, she started her modeling career. In 1994 she had started a Scholarship for passionate students; Tyra Banks scholarship. In the same year, she was listed in the top fifty most beautiful women in the world.

Not only that, Tyra Banks was Victoria Secret Angels model for almost nine years, i.e., from 1997 to 2005. At the end of 2000, Tyra was one the famous models internationally as well as a top earning model. Her original name is Tyra Lynne Banks and fondly called as BBQ by her friends and family. She is 5’10” inches tall which are an average height of any model. Tyra has an elder sibling named Devin who is very close to her. She got married to Erik Asla in 2013 and has a child York Banks Asla born in 2016.

Again in 1996, she was chosen as one of the beautiful women by People Magazine (USA). She was the first Afro-American model to be featured on sports illustrated issue in 1997 which is photographed by popular photographer James Russel and also in GQ where she appeared twice in both of them. Apart from modeling,

Tyra Banks started her acting life in 1993 for Fresh Prince Bel-Air and had her first film in 1995; Higher Learning. Later in upcoming life, she acted in various major and small roles. She appeared in Coyote Ugly, Life-size, Basket Ball and Gossip Girl. She got trained by Oprah Winfrey and was represented as Youth Correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey. Tyra Banks created her TV show under her production; America’s Next Top Model in 2003 and aired till 2015 which got canceled after twenty-two seasons.

Tyra created and co-hosted three more talk hosts. One of the shows The Tyra Banks show was super hit and won two Emmy awards for its popularity. Later she hosted FABLife which aired for two months. Tyra Banks is not only an actor or an anchor but also an author who wrote a young adult novel; Modelland based on her life and her modeling career. This novel stood as one of the New York’s bestsellers in 2011.

In 2003, she invested around thirty thousand dollars to make a music video; shake ya body that launched in America’s Next Top Model. She also started a cosmetics line with the name Tyra Beauty after she completed a degree in cosmetics from Harvard Business School. Till date, Tyra had made her landmark in every field. Whatever it could be she worked hard and been successful.

Tila Tequila English Actress

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was born on October 24th, 1981 in Singapore, her actual name was Thein Thanh Thi Nguyen, better known as Tila Tequila, she is also known as Miss Tila, Tila Nguyen. She is a very popular Vietnamese-American media personality.She is a model, television personality, actress, Singer, Songwriter, and blogger. She initially gained popularity for her presence on social networking sites, she was very active, she then went to become the MOST POPULAR PERSON on MySpace, and was offered to star in a reality show, which then became the Second Highest rated Series Premiere of that year. Tila Tequila has two siblings. Tila Tequila has an allergy to alcohol, that's why she got this name from her friends. Tila Tequila was raised in Texas and then she moved to Los Angeles. Tila Tequila when in high school took drugs and she joined a gang but to come out of all that she started writing poems. Tila Tequila has begun her career in the year 2000 by modelling for a magazine. She also acted in bands. Tila Tequila made her television debut in the year 2003 with Surviving Nugent. Tila Tequila was not only confined to modelling and acting, she took herself ahead as recording artist and author as well. Before launching her solo career, she was a lead singer to albums such as jealousy etc. She had her single debut in the year 2007 named “I Love U”, which had mixed reviews, and couldn’t enter any stats but the online sales were good to speak for. She then had her single releases such as paralyze. Tila Tequila book was published in the year 2008, named ‘hooking up with Tila Tequila: A guide to Love, fame, Happiness, Success and being the life of the party’.Tila then released ‘Welcome to the Dark Side ‘in 2010. Tila Tequila was also a part of Celebrity Big Brother show, but her book had a negative impact for she supported Hitler in it. Tila Tequila gained much popularity from Import Tuner Magazine when she was featured on it. In the year 2010 Tila Tequila changed her name to Miss Tila, she received negative reviews for her single release “I Love My DJ”, but ‘welcome to dark side’ ended with positive reviews. Shockingly Tila was ejected out of the Celebrity Big Brother show in just one day. She is again into music now and Tila also has announced about her own vaporizers with blaze Vapors.


Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn whose full name is, Jourdan Sherise Dunn is a supermodel and actress from England. She took birth on August 3, 1990 in Brent, London. However, her mother brought her up in Greenford. She worked as a receptionist. While Growing up, a lot of people would compliment and tell her to join modeling. However, she would never take it seriously as she wasn't aware of a model's work profile and also because she was immensely conscious and critical of her weight and tall frame. She then started to watch, America's Next Top Model and become interested in the profession. At the age of fifteen, an agent working for Storm Model Management saw her and signed her. A year later she debuted on the international runaway in the New York shows. On her debut, she walked for designers like Polo Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. Ever since then her career has only bloomed. In the same year, British Vogue featured her on the issue as a rising star while the next year, named her in the list of top ten newcomers. She became one of the busier models as she got offers to walk for more than seventy designers. What made her stood out from others in her profession were her long legs and distinguished walk. She practices walking in high heels to maintain her stature. She has campaigned extensively for Victoria's Secret, John Galliano, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade and much more. Jourdan has also graced the covers of American Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, W Magazine, and others. She has also made an appearance in several editorials. When Jourdan turned eighteen, she became pregnant. She continued to work for six months and returned to runaway after weeks of giving birth to a baby boy. While she was pregnant, Teen Vogue featured her. People criticized it for glorifying teenage pregnancy. She also modeled for the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony. Jourdan has acted in Ab Fab: The Movie, Zoolander 2 and Terminal. Jourdan has starred in some of Beyonce's songs. According to Forbes, she earned four million dollars and nearly three million dollars in 2014 and 2015 respectively. She is the only black model to have her name featured on that list. She has also been the recipient of several glamorous award shows. Currently, she is hosting Well Dunn, a cooking show on Life+Times, a YouTube channel of Jay Z.

Jourdan Dunn English Actress