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Will Ferrell English Movie Actor
Born: 16 July 1967

Age Now 57

Will Ferrell - (Movie Actor)

Rosa Salazar English Movie Actress
Born: 16 July 1985

Age Now 39

Rosa Salazar - (Movie Actress)

Charles H. Joffe English Producer
Born: 16 July 1929

Lived For 78 Years

Charles H. Joffe - (Producer)

Corey Feldman English Movie Actor
Born: 16 July 1971

Age Now 53

Corey Feldman - (Movie Actor)

Daryl Mitchell English Movie Actor
Born: 16 July 1965

Age Now 59

Daryl Mitchell - (Movie Actor)

Jayma Mays English Movie Actress
Born: 16 July 1979

Age Now 45

Jayma Mays - (Movie Actress)

Laura Carmichael English TV-Actress
Born: 16 July 1986

Age Now 38

Laura Carmichael - (TV-Actress)

Tupac Shakur English Singer
Born: 16 July 1971

Age Now 53

Tupac Shakur - (Singer)


Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are artists who are creatively involved in the designing aspect of a firm. They are the creates of digital designs like logos, symbols, signs, etc in the most creative way possible.

Graphic designers are in huge demand thanks to the increase in the digital formats of business making, as everyone needs a website to reach out to the maximum number of people. Thus, to build a unique identity and a brand, the designing needs to be right and original and this is where the graphic designer takes over.

The graphic designer may work independently as a freelancer or in a company as a job profile. He or she needs to be skilled in designing, color selection and sense updated and handy with the latest softwares that support the designs with which the actual designs are created in the digital sense. A graphic designer needs to have an artistic eye to see the designing perspective which in turn would help them to create.