Josh as an editor started his work as a commercial editor, in a receptionist at Lost Planet, where he worked for a few months. Under Hank Corwin, he took the lesson to be an editor and artist. His teachings were from still images, sound, and music. He learned there how an editor could invent, experiment, and take risks while working. Assisting Hank, he did his first project “ Brotherhood Click to look into! >> Read More... Brotherhood .”

While working, he met with the famous film maker Jordan Vogt-Roberts. This relation was quite a good one because he got to work with new things like Red and Phantom cameras, special effects, etc. Working with him led to television, where he worked for Pacific Rim Click to look into! >> Read More... Pacific Rim 2 and Molly’s Game. At present, he works with the special technology which came in. Recently he worked in Godzilla vs. Kong.