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DJ Nick

Joel Madden


Martin Garrix

Mark Ronson


Induces Technology To The Music

Disk Jockeys or DJs are the people who mix various sounds and create their own music. They use equipment such as turntables, mixers, amplifiers, and microphones. Experimenting with the beats and tunes, they don’t simply play the music, but also engage themselves in making music physically and emotionally. They are technically sound and have studied and learnt at least one music software completely- all the internationally popular Disk Jockeys keep trying out new software and also discover new techniques of mixing, and often, create some new ones.

They are impeccable at performing at live concerts. They experiment with several types of equipment and choose the most apt one that gives them the best output. They have exceptional communicational skills- from interacting with the crowd to online networking, they have mastered the art of ‘crowd-pulling’. They also possess the knowledge of lights and visuals; they create several light sequences and videos that go with the beat-flow of their music. These days the DJs are making more mash-ups, although, their creation completely depends on the audience they are performing for. Films, TV Shows, Music Shows, Sports, Live Concerts and events and radio are a few of the most popular places for the disk jockeys.