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DJ Play A Combo Of Music

A DJ is someone who can mix music and songs well with the help of a disc table or turntables and a music mixer. DJ is short for Disc Jockey. They are also known as a Deejay. There are both male and female disc jockeys. It is considered as a full time profession. He / she understand music and are fluent with the beats of songs. He/she have to be good with technology and be smooth in shifting from song to song without ruining the flow or missing a beat.

They usually play for audiences and crowds at parties, discos, and clubs, in films and even on radio on certain frequencies. They create a DJ mix that is originally produced by them or a song company. A DJ is well versed with new songs and makes use of them in his performance. DJs now make their own mash-ups and sell it to music companies, films and TV shows for certain sequences. A mash-up is a well put collection of different songs in a single song. A DJ plays music according to the occasion and what kind of crowd is at the venue. DJs usually use the term 'DJ' before their name to denote what they do professionally.