Jamie Travis English Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Jamie Travis is a Canadian film-maker who is known for his award-winning short films, television commercial, and music videos. He is mostly known for his two internationally acknowledged award winning short films namely The Saddest Boy in the World Trilogy and The Patterns Trilogy.

He has directed hundreds of short films most of which were premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Travis was born on August 13, 1979. Travis started on his short films from his college days. His first short film was released in the year 2003. The name of the film was Why the Anderson Children Didn’t come to the Dinner. The movie was about three siblings who were forced to endure their mother’s bizarre abuses.The film ended up receiving a bunch of awards which include the Best Script Award at the Golden Sheaf Awards, Leo Award for the Best Product Design and even won the Best Canadian Film Award.

In 2005, he directed and produced another short movie named Patterns. Patterns was a suspense movie in which a woman waits for a phone call. Patterns won Travis the Best Western Canadian director award at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Patterns was such a hit that Travis decided to make two sequels to the film.

Patterns 3 took three awards for the Best Short films which included one at the Hamptons Film Festival and one at the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. After the success of Patterns, Travis directed another short film in 2006 named The Saddest Boy in the World. The movie was a dark comedy based on a life of a depressed boy who ends his birthday with a suicide. The film put Travis on the international map. The movie did more than 160 screenings and won countless awards. The movie won the Best Canadian Short Film Award at the Victoria Film Festival and Calgary International Film Festival.

Travis decided to make two sequels to the film ending up with the film The Armoire in the year 2009. The film received honourable mention at the Toronto Film Festival for the Best Short Film. The film also won many awards at the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival. Travis resides in Vancouver with his wife and children