Benjamin Dickinson is a Hollywood writer and director whose works has made quite an uproar in the industry. He has been associated with some great underrated films. The Santa Moica, California born film-maker first came into the industry with the movie "I Can See You" which got released in the year 2008. His works include other notable movies like Super Sleuth and First Winter.

The young director has been nominated for various awards in many Film Festivals and Award Ceremonies for his movies. Buenos Aired International Festival nominated Benjamin Dickinson's Creative Control Click to look into! >> Read More... as the Best Film. Along with that nomination, the film was nominated in various other Festivals in different categories. Politiken's Audience Award, American Independent Award at the Denver International Film Festival, Narcisse Award, SXSW Grand Jury Award and Special Jury Award were some of the other few nominations it received in various Film Festivals. His short film named Super Sleuth which released in 2014 also was nominated for the SXSW Jury Award. His list of accomplishments are huge and is still growing. He grew up in Illinois and was a keen listener of Bob Dylan's music until he shifted base to New York City during the late 90's.

He completed his undergraduate degree in film programs. DFA records was the start of his journey into the film industry since he started out directing music videos for many of their album artists. He also directed commercials for famous brands like Google and Ford Motor Corp, South West Airlines and many others. His first film, First Winter, was critically acclaimed and on 2012 Tribeca Film Festival premiered the movie. The 34-year-old sci-fi film-maker has a unique style in his direction which has solidified his name amongst the finest young directors in the industry. From doing music videos for artists like Q-Tip, The Rapture and LCD Sound Systems to making movies which are premiering in big Film Festivals around the globe, Benjamin Dickinson has established his own status with his hard work and zeal.

Creative Control which was released in 2015 has received overwhelming applause for the storyline which fusions technology with emotions. The lead protagonist of the movie David, played by Dickinson himself, creates an augmented reality glass. He creates a digital model or avatar of girlfriend of his best friend. He talks about the anxieties of technology in the movie.

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Benjamin Dickinson was born in Santa Monica, California, USA. He is a writer, director, producer and an actor. He is also an editor and he has cinematographed a film. His career as a director and writer started in 2004. He wrote and directed the film Tenderfoot in 2004. Then he took a long break till 2008. In 2008, he directed the TV movie The Scariest Show on Television. In 2008, Benjamin Dickinson acted in the film I Can See You as Ben Richards. It was a Psychological Horror film. It was directed by Graham Reznick. The film earned positive reviews. In 2010, he wrote and acted in the film We’re Glad You’re Here. He acted as Michael in that film.

Benjamin Dickinson wrote, directed, edited, produced and acted in the film First Winter in 2012. He then wrote, directed, produced and edited the film Majik Markers in the same year. In 2013, he directed the film If You’re Fucking, You’re Fucking. It was a short video for five minutes. In 2014, Ben Dickinson wrote, directed and produced the short movie Super Sleuths. He starred in the Lead role as Alex in the movie Thanksgiving in 2014. It was directed by Adam Newport- Berra. It was a comedy drama. In 2015, Benjamin Dickinson directed and cinematographed the short film Brasilia: City of the Future. He also wrote, directed and starred in the film Creative Control in the same year. It was a science fiction drama.

He appeared as David as the movie. Noha Zehetner also starred in the movie. He also starred in the movie Devil Town as Cult Member in 2015. It was a mystery film. It was directed by Harvey Mitkas and stars Lawrence Michele Levine, Sophia Takal, Alex Ross Perry, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Kim and Noah Gershman. On April 16, 2015, the film was first screened at the Sarasota Film Festival. In 2016, he wrote and directed the Short Film Waves. The runtime was ten minutes. It was a comedy short film. It stars Nathalie Emmanuel and Reggie Watts Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, comedian, and >> Read More... . In 2016, he directed the television film Reggie Watts: Spatial. The genre was the comedy. Reggie Watts starred in that film. He also directed 10 Crosby in the same year. The runtime was 36 minutes. He also composed music for the movie The Roost in 2005. Benjamin Dickinson is popular for his works in First Winter, Super Sleuths, and Creative Control.

Louis Leterrier English Actor

Louis Leterrier

Louis Leterrier is a French director. He is mainly famous for his movie ‘Transporter’, ‘Now you see me’, and ‘The Incredible Hulk’. He was born in Paris. His parents are Francois Leterrier and Catherine Leterrier. His father was a director, and his mother was a costume designer. He got his education from Tisch school of the Arts at New York University. In 2002, he started his journey with one of the famous action movie Transporter. He began his first film with famous actor Jason Statham. This did superbly at that time. This picture crossed the box office 43 million USD. After three years in 2005, his next drama movie Unleashed hit the screens with famous actor Jet Li; this film first-week collection was $1,924,204 USD, and budget of the picture was 45 million USD. Same year next part of transporter came in the Film industry by name Transporter 2. This movie was again superb and cross the box office by 85 million USD. In 2008, his top famous movie The Incredible Hulk came in the Market. The Incredible Hulk was again the action movie with a famous actor Edward Norton. This film box office collection was 263.4million USD, and the picture based on science on the genetic. In 2010, Clash of the Titans hit the screens. This was the Fantasy movie. Clash of the Titans films based on super power and god Zeus. In movie Perseus the son of Zeus, is caught in a war between gods and is helpless to save his family from Hades, the god of the underworld In 2013, his most famous movie crime film came Now you see me. Now you see me was an extraordinary picture. In the picture, magician stole the money of bank through magic in the theater. The budget of the play was only 75 million USD, and box office collection was 351.7 million USD.


Bille Woodruff

Bille Woodruff is a film director, and a video director. He had been born in Denver, Colorado. Woodruff has had many videographers’ records,starting since in the year 1991 to the latest being 2012. Woodruff had worked along with the popular Hip-Hop’s and R&B artists, and he was active since 1990. Woodruff had processed with Joe who is a famous singer and songwriter. They together worked approximately in nine music videos from 1994 onwards. Woodruff and Toni Braxton have jointly released many albums since 1996. There works lasted more than ten times. Woodruff had directed the film ‘Honey’ in the year 2003 which is a box office hit. For this story Aaliyah is selected to play the title role in the screenplay but she unexpectedly dies in the plane crash before the shooting has begun. Later her role was replaced with Jessica Alba. The cinema ‘Honey’ which was released in the year 2003, and the film telecasted to us at the box office. Woodruff had been educated at the Maryland University. His current location is Los Angeles. Woodruff directed the film ‘Beauty Shop’ in the year 2005, and there were few negative reviews but it any how gathered better box office money than his previous work. Woodruff’s latest film was ‘Addicted’ which had released in the year 2014. Many people had lost his memory because of his numerous songs video works; he had actively made many video songs till 2012. His works as a videographer started in the year 1991. His musical works had released nearly more than three every year. Currently, he is directing one show ‘Shadow Hunters,’ and that was his favorite vampire and werewolf show. Woodruff has one brother, and he was super talented, and his name is William Levy. Woodruff loves to direct the screen in different angles; he perfectly knows how to show different moves of the actors and those that are interesting to display the scenes over the screen. He had made musical video works for more than ninety albums and those albums got a prominent rating. Besides that he directed few films, and even though some of those films got a negative response but he had got massive box office records. 

Bille Woodruff English Actor