Maya Khabira Rudolph is a talented American actress. She was born on July 27, 1972. This exceptional actress started amazing her viewers on the screen when she appeared on the hit NBC television show “Saturday Night live”, in which she was seen as a cast member for seven years (from 2000-2007). Apart from this, she has also been seen to have taken part in many films, such as, “Grown Ups”, “ Grown Ups 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... Grown Ups 2 ”, “Bridesmaids”, “Away We Go” etc. Maya Rudolph is the daughter of soul singer/songwriter Minnie Ripert and Richard Rudolph Richard Rudolph was born on October 26, 1946, in P >> Read More... Richard Rudolph . She comes from a line very successful family and has lived up to the mark that was expected of her. Before pursuing the acting career, Maya had followed her talented mother’s path and was seen as a backup singer. She had also taken up the position of a keyboardist in a band named “The Rentals”.

She can be seen to appear in various music videos of the band. When she got the offer for “ Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live or popularly called as NBC&#39 >> Read More... Saturday Night Live ”, she left the band. And with this experience, she did the music for some episode in “Saturday Night Live”. The show has been able to bring out that perfect actor in her. She has been given the opportunity to depict a wide variety of characters. This has enabled her ability to take up any character at any given time and do them justice. She has been entertaining her audience from the year 1977 and still continues to do so. Apart from appearing on screen, she has also been seen to lend her voice to many characters in animated films. Maya Rudolph has been nominated a countless number of times for her phenomenal performances in various films and TV shows.

She won the “MTV Movie Awards” in the category of “Best Gut-Wrenching Performances”. She is an incredible actress who continues to keep on surprising her audience.