Nick Robinson is an actor of an American origin. Nicholas John Robinson, his birth name, was born on 22nd March 1995 in Seattle, Washington, US. He has four younger siblings and also two half-siblings. Nick’s acting career started at a very young age, 11, when he acted in the play ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. In 2008, the chance of acting in television and films walked to him through the Hollywood talent scout, Matt Casella, but unfortunately, he had to return to Washington from Los Angeles with his parents due to the Writers Guild of America strike which was in full-swing. After returning, he performed in many theatre plays in Seattle. In 2009, he grabbed the role in TV series ‘Mellissa and Joey’; he played the character of Ryder Scanlon.

He made his debut in films with the movie ‘Frenemies’ in 2012. His first movie in the lead role is ‘ The Kings of Summer’ (2013). He was later cast in ‘ Jurassic World’ (2015); he shared the screen with Ty Simpkins as his brother. The film (Jurassic World) was the second-highest grosser of the year. He also starred in the film ‘ The 5th Wave’ (2016) which was an adaption of the novel of the same name.

Ella Anderson English Actress

Ella Anderson

Ella Anderson is an American actress, born on 26 March 2005, in Florida, America. She is one of the most popular child artist in Hollywood. She started her career in 2011, that is at a very young age of 5. Ella played the role of Haley in the TV show 'The Last Man Standing' (2011). She got her first feature film 'Touchback' in 2012. Ella portrayed as Jamie in this movie. Before the filming of the movie began, She attended a week of rehearsals with the rest of the cast.. She said, "It was in August, so it was like a summer camp for me. That week, we spent a lots of hotel time at the pool so I got really close to my movie sister Jacquelyn Evola." she further added "It was on that set, I decided that I wanted to be actress for the rest of my life." Apart from Touchback, she has also appeared in the American film ‘The Giant Mechanical Man’, an unusual rom-com drama, about a silver painted street performer and a soft spoken zoo worker who falls for him. Ella played the role of a daughter in this movie, that released in 2012. It got good reviews from critics. Since then, Ella got busy with a number of TV and movie roles. She also appeared in American superhero sitcom Henry Danger (2014) that aired on Nickelodeon Channel. She played the role of Henry’s (superhero) little sister named Piper Hart. Piper claims that she hates her life and overreacts to issues mostly about social media. Ella has also been cast for its season 2 (aired from September 2015). This cute little child artist has worked in seven TV shows and five movies till now. She has played a number of different roles and each of them challenged her various ways. According to her, the fun of being an actress is that she gets to play so many variety of roles. Each of them turns into a very special memory. She wished Warner Bros. to make an Elf sequel and she would love to portray the daughter of the two main characters, Will Farrell and Zooey Deschanel.


Josiah Cerio

Josiah Cerio is a child film actor. His date of birth falls on August 20, 2003. He will turn 14 years old this year. His star sign is Leo, and his place of birth is Texas, in United States of America (USA). Cerio is very young but already has a list of movies to his credit. He has been modeling since he was 4 years old. He even began acting in 2007, at the age of four. Josiah is tremendously talented. Before he became a common fixture in Hollywood through the movie Paper Towns, he appeared in Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot. He even has got the opportunity to participate in theater performances. He acted on the stage in the adaptations of Sweeney Todd, The Sound of Music and Carousel. His mother, Ginger, is a film producer and director too. She conceived a film by the name of The Root Cellar, and it won special mention at the Film Festival in Louisiana. Apart from just acting, he is very passionate about music, and can play the ukulele as though he was born to play it. Josiah, also is a lover of Martial Arts and has a black belt in Taekwondo. In 2015, he made a breakthrough into the mainstream Hollywood with Paper Towns. The film was the movie version of the book written by the author John Greene by the same name. It starred Cara Delevingne. Cerio played the role of the younger version of Quentin. The adult Quentin was the actor Nat Wolff. At such a young age, Cerio is a health and fitness freak. He loves long walks on the beach and enjoys traveling. His favorite actor is Johnny Depp, and Josiah is a follower of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He loves acting and wishes to continue it as a long-term career. Another actor that he looks up to is the comedian Robin Williams. He was devastated when Robin passed away. His favorite musician is Demi Lovato, and he shares the same birthday as her. Josiah is very well-connected to the Hollywood fraternity, especially the child actors from his age group. He may have been an accomplished performer so far but never misses on any opportunity to be attending acting classes and sessions. Like any other kid, he is a fan of animated movies and especially likes those produced by Pixar Animation. He lives in a tightly knit family where everyone is close to each other. He is very fond of his grandparents. He owns a Katana sword that he has immense respect and value for. His fan-following is young and thriving.

Josiah Cerio English Actor