Nina Gold is an English casting director well recognized for her work in many famous shows and series like Romes and Game of Thrones. She has also worked as a casting director in movies like The Martian, Star Wars, etc. She began her career as a casting director while studying at university. She has completed her studies from Christ's College, University of Cambridge. She is married to Frank Hewetson and they have a son.

She has won and been achieved for numerous awards for her hit series Game of Thrones, and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series and Emmy nominations for all six seasons of Game Of Thrones. She was nominated in the Casting Society of America award for her work on the film The Theory of Everything in 2014. She has achieved BAFTA Special Award at the Television Craft Awards for her career in casting for television and film in 2016.

Bonnie Lee Bouman English Actress

Bonnie Lee Bouman

Behind every film, there are hundreds of men and women that work tirelessly to make it a success. One of the prominent people from them is a casting director. Bonnie Lee Bouman falls in this category. Though she was born in Moose Jaw, Canada, she later shifted to South Africa. Bonnie is an alumnus of Girls Collegiate, a prestigious boarding school, and Vancouver Film School, which focuses on both, movies as well as TV shows. After graduating from there, she worked for The Casting Company, a Fran Beyer owned agency, for some time. Later, she decided to start her company in 2003. Randy Ann is Bonnie's mentor. Within a few years, she consolidated her position after successfully casting several actors and actress in performance-oriented projects. Her imagination and the in-depth knowledge of the film industry's nuances helped Bonnie ace her profession. Everyone in the glamour world loves Bonnie for her boldness and frankness. Bonnie either conducts auditions or organizes workshops to hire people for the projects she is working. She loves her profession very much and wants to showcase the talent of her country to the world using her power to cast appropriate artists in the right roles. Bonnie also wants to eradicate nepotism from the movie industry, and make it a friendlier and fair place for the outsiders. She also has extensive information about the ethnicity and various languages of South Africa which helps her maintain authenticity while working. Since 2003, she has become one of the top casting directors of her nation. Bonnie has worked on more than six hundred projects. Some of the movies that she has worked on are SEAL Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines, Gandhi, My Father, Inescapable, and others. In fact, in 2007, the jury of the Shoprite Checkers Awards ceremony nominated her for their Woman of the Year Award. Bonnie has also worked as the International Emmy Juror several times. She has also made an appearance on the reality show named Class Act, wherein several young men of South Africa competed with each other to win a chance to star in a movie. She would guide, groom and judge the contestant on the show. Bonnie is a part of Casting Society of America, an international body. She is the first woman from the African continent who got the honor to be on its board. Bonnie also gives speeches at functions to motivate and inspire others.