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Taylor Wily is an American actor, a former sumo wrestler, and mixed martial artist. He was born in Laie, Hawaii, and is of American Samoan origin. He is well known for his recurring role as Kamekona Tupuola on Hawaii Five-0. Wily was recruited by former sekiwake Takamiyama Daigor, another Hawaiian, in March 1987 and joined the Azumazeki stable, which Takamiyama had founded the previous year. He went undefeated in his first 14 official fights, capturing two straight tournament titles. He was one of sumo's heaviest wrestlers, weighing approximately 440 lb (200 kg). In March 1988, he was promoted to the third-highest makushita category when he became the first foreign-born wrestler to win the championship.

Akebono Tar, a potential yokozuna from Hawaii, joined the Azumazeki stable. He was Akebono's mentor and advised him on adjusting life in Japan as the stable's highest-rated wrestler. Takamikuni attained his highest ever rank of makushita 2 in March 1989. He fought two matches with top elite jūryō-rated wrestlers. Due to knee difficulties, he did not compete in the next tournament and retired from sumo in July 1989. After retiring from sumo, he competed as Teila Tuli in the debut battle of the UFC 1 in November 1993 against savate expert Gerard Gordeau. Tuli raced forward but lost his footing and was met with a crushing punch to the head that knocked out a couple of his teeth and a strike that shattered Gordeau's hand, resulting in Gordeau's TKO victory. This was Tuli's one and only MMA fight.

The fight has been considered one of the top five David vs. Goliath fights in the history of mixed martial arts. He appeared in the comedy picture Forgetting Sarah Marshall Click to look into! >> Read More... as a hotel clerk who befriends the main character, portrayed by Jason Segel Jason Segel born to a rich Jewish lawyer, he spent >> Read More... . In addition, he has a recurrent role on the television show Hawaii Five-0. Wily appeared on the 20th edition of The Amazing Race when he provided racing contestants clues. He also appeared as an extra in a street scene outside a pool club in the 1982 episode of Magnum, "The Eighth Part of the Village." He appeared as a sumo wrestler in "Battle of the Titans," an episode of One West Waikiki, another Hawaii-based television drama starring Cheryl Ladd. Unlike his character in Hawaii Five-0, he had his hair wrapped in the sumo manner in that series.


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