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Karan Paranjpe Hindi Model
Born: 21 May 1991

Lived For 26 Years

Karan Paranjpe - (Model)

Ram Mohan Telugu Producer
Born: 21 May 1969

Age Now 55

Ram Mohan - (Producer)

Shivshakti Sachdev Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 21 May 1993

Age Now 31

Shivshakti Sachdev - (TV-Actress)

Usha Bachani Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 21 May 1988

Age Now 36

Usha Bachani - (TV-Actress)

Utkarsha Naik Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 21 May 1978

Age Now 46

Utkarsha Naik - (TV-Actress)


Dialogue Writer :Dialogues Are The Power Tool

As the name suggests, a Dialogue Writer writes the dialogue's for the movie. He writes all the conversations that happen between different characters in the movie. Though the work of a dialogue writer may look easy and simple, the job requires an immense level of commitment. Dialogue writers work as freelancers in the movies. Dialogues are a major aspect of films and so are the dialogue writers. Right after the story of the film is ready, the makers of the film, search for the suitable dialogue writer/writers and explain the whole story to them. The director of the film explains about each character and how they should be portrayed in the film. In a movie a character is defined and identified by his dialogues and outfit.

The dialogue writers should understand about each and every character and then start his/her work. The dialogue writer research about the character, his background, the attitude the character carries the slang in which the character speaks etc and then write dialogues accordingly. The dialogues must be real and should carry a sense of artistic and creative feel. A dialogue writer has tight deadlines and should work on the dialogues for longer hours. Only after the dialogues are ready, the shooting starts. The dialogue writer works throughout the shooting too as most of the times, the director asks for rework on the dialogues and many changes will be done before the shooting. And while shooting, most of the times, the artists modify the dialogues by themselves and sometimes request for an alteration too. So the dialogue writer is required to assist throughout the film, even when his work is done.