Dancer (0 - 12)


Dance Is An Art ,Dancer Is An Artist

Dancers, perform and dance for the songs in the movie. The type of work and responsibilities vary according to the type of the movie and the script, but the basic liability of any dancer in a movie is to rehearse and practice the dance movements perfectly and dance in sync with their co-dancers. All dancers should have a great stamina and a healthy body. They must be full of discipline and should be passionate about dancing. They should have a great team spirit and should co-ordinate well with other dancers. They should also be creative and should dance with confidence. Dancer in Cinema, work either as freelancers or they join a dance company/team. The dance company will have a fixed contract with the filmmakers and will send their team of dancers accordingly.

A dancer well trained in many types of dance forms will gain immediate popularity. Any dance company will prefer dancers of multi-talent, and it is easier to find quick work. Basic training is compulsory for a dancer in cinema. Nowadays, many dancers get trained in local dance schools and get recruited directly from the institution. A dancer should get training throughout his/her career and develop themselves. Many universities offer degree and diploma programs in dancing for aspiring dancers. Dancers after a few years of experience and a successful career can go to become a choreographer and teach dancing.