Costume Designer (0 - 12)


Costume Designer Designs A Perfect Fit

A costume designer is someone who designs only costumes for a film, event or TV show. They have a good sense of fashion trends and are used to handling fabrics and materials. He /she are expected to understand the fashion industry and what looks good. They are responsible to make the actor /actress look good in any situation of the film. They need to balance the colors in the scene with the help of costumes. Appropriate costumes are made by a costume designer according to the script or screenplay.

Costume designers can also be personal stylists for particular actors / actresses. The work of a costume designer is to sketch up a relevant costume for a character in the plot. They handle the basics of stitching and designing and fitting of the designs. Costume designers also are fashion designers as they are designing clothes for someone. They may have their own line of clothes or brands that is used in the film. A costume designer take a look at other accessories and anything related to the scene that the actor or actress needs to wear. They are responsible for all the costumes to be worn by the actors, actresses and extras in the film or TV show.