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Do You Know Why To Be A Contestant?

A contestant is one who takes part in a competition, normally television reality shows. He competes with other contestants, clears rounds and then, qualifies to win the competition. A contestant has skills that bring him to the level of competing. Firstly, they should fill in the contestant form and have a specific set of knowledge, skills, suitability and eligibility to be competent in the contest. Usual limit of criteria of these competitions are age, educational qualification, and extra ordinary skills in the area they are competing in.

They should have enough confidence to face the camera, be sick on their feet, spontaneous, and ready to face any unforeseen challenges they are told to act. They should have enough arrogance to believe in themselves of winning the competition. A fellow contestant is judged on various grounds by a panel of judges generally. They are usually based on innovation, the creativity of the mats participating. Traits like personal appearance, presentation, the area of improvement are also counted. A contestant must look for his abilities in various aspects like the areas he will be judged upon.