Choreographer (0 - 12)


Choreography Is Writing With Foot

The Choreography is the artistic creation to express one’s personality and emotions by designing compositions and sequences of physical bodies in motion, form, or both. The one who formulates and contrives such artwork is called a choreographer. These choreographers put together beautiful, captivating performances that not only astonish you but compel you to see more. Aside from directing and designing dance routines, a choreographer has to also practice those routines with the same amount of focus and diligence that the other dancers learn and rehearse with. This is quite essential because this allows the choreographers to coordinate with the music and until the choreographers themselves aren’t perfect they will be incompetent to train and tutor the dancers well.

The knowledge that a choreographer possesses is not only limited to one specific field but to several other professions as well, such as cheer leading, fashion shows, ice skating and much more. While some choreographers may work as freelance artists, others may work for dance studios, movies or production companies. The role of a choreographer is much more than just teaching a dance routine to a dancer. A good choreographer is one who can encourage and provide the dancers with the right guidance. Patience is another very crucial attribute a choreographer must possess. While the actual dance must just be a couple of minutes, the hard work went behind to accomplish such an output is of several weeks and months.