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Prem Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 18 April 1976

Age Now 48

Prem - (Movie Actor)

Raaghav Tamil Supporting Actor
Born: 18 April 1974

Age Now 50

Raaghav - (Supporting Actor)

Raja Ravindra Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 18 April 1968

Age Now 56

Raja Ravindra - (Movie Actor)

Chaitanya Choudhury Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 18 April 1977

Age Now 47

Chaitanya Choudhury - (TV-Actor)

Debina Bonnerjee Hindi Model
Born: 18 April 1983

Age Now 41

Debina Bonnerjee - (Model)

Neeraj Sood Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 18 April 1969

Age Now 55

Neeraj Sood - (TV-Actor)

Lalita Pawar Hindi Movie Actress
Born: 18 April 1916

Lived For 81 Years

Lalita Pawar - (Movie Actress)

Poonam Dhillon Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 18 April 1962

Age Now 62

Poonam Dhillon - (TV-Actress)


Anchor Adds Beauty To The Show

An anchor is a person who proceeds, broadcast the audience and summarise's the entire show. It's his job to keep the audience entertained and out of boredom zone. He has to very keenly, using his language, communication, presentation skills,to be able to get the audience worked up for the programme to be interested in what he bestows. Anchors can be categorised into many types such as, News Reporters, Show Hosts, announcer, show commentator, etc.

An anchor must have effective Communication Skills, Media Skills, Public Speaking ability, active comprehending ability, Conference Moderating skills. Apart from all there skills they should also have Effective PowerPoint Presentation aptitude, International Business Etiquette, Journalism/Producer Skills when reports are to be made. Tv anchors are those trained artists who need very little grooming for their job, a couple of people have the skill for anchoring. They speak with ease and do their job in a very confident manner.

A presentable TV anchor is what is appreciated in the industry. Television anchors work out of a studio and may likewise go to do nearby or live reports. Working hours for they may differ contingent upon news or highlight story scope; they may need to work remarkable or flighty hours because of breaking news and late-night or 24-hour news shows. Working occasions may likewise be required and conditions might be upsetting as they race to meet due dates.