VJ Anjana Rangan

Other names of VJ Anjana Rangan: VJ Anjana Chandran, Anjana Chandran

Hailing from the southern shores of India, Anjana Rangan was born on Aug 25th, 1989 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She consummated her under graduation from Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College of Chennai whose alumni also include film director K.V Anand and tranquil-voiced Karthik. With the energy and sense of confidence she possessed, her family and friends always knew this girl was destined to achieve greater heights. Born on the Leo-Virgo cusp, she had always been the center of attention and attraction in her college and was embraced by fans for her Ravishing looks and heart throbbing smile, which later fetched her oodles of open public proposals and on Twitter.

Being a television anchor on Sun music, Anjana’s good looks overshadows many Tamil actresses and commands no lesser fan following than any of them. Spotlight first shone upon Anjana when she was named the “Miss Chinnathirai” in 2008, this award is presented to the most talented and elegant stars of Tamil television galaxy. After which her career saw a major amelioration. She is loved for entertaining viewers on the television show NEENGALUM NAANGALUM at 5 p.m on Sun Music and also for shows like Paattu.Com, Paattu Pudusu, Namma Star, Konjam Uppu Konjam Karam and Box Office. Anjana speaks English and Tamil and enjoys occasionally drinking with her best friends and fiancé. Recently Engaged Anjana broke all those hearts she once stole by announcing her marriage to actor Chandran also known as Chandramauli who played the lead in Tamil movie Kayal; they reportedly met over Twitter and started re-Tweeting and liking one another’s Tweets and eventually ended up liking each other.

These two beautiful people are all set to become one on March 10th, 2016.

Another version of this Bio...

Anjana Rangan, a. k. a. VJ Anjana is a famous Video Jockey and an anchor in the Tamil television industry. She was born on 25th August, 1989 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She is currently 29 years old. She came to be known widely with her show “Neengalum Naangalum” on Sun Music. She gained massive popularity and fan following. She attended P. S. Senior Secondary School in Chennai. She further went on to pursue her bachelor’s from MOP Vaishnav, Chennai. She completed her B.Tech, and after which she moved to media as Television Presenter. In the initial days of her career, she worked as a VJ in Sun Music. She was a part of the channel for the past half decade. During this, she hosted some popular programs in the channel like Freeya Vidu, Vazhthukkal, and more. Other than Sun Music, she also became a part of hosting special programs in Sun TV.

She has also hosted many audio launches of Tamil Movies and Corporate Events for many years. Amongst all the Tamil anchors, she is the one among the most searched on social media. “Our wedding was a very personal affair with close family friends and relatives” said VJ Anjana. She got married on 10th March, 2016 to Tamil Actor Chandran. This auspicious knot was tied in the Lalithambikai Temple, Thirumeeyachur near Mayavaram. They both met at an award function in which Chandran received “The Best Debut Actor” award for his performance in the movie “Kayal.” Anjana was hosting the same show, and they both grew together since then. On 30th June, 2018 Anjana and Chandran welcomed a baby boy in their family. Both mother and the baby were fine. The couple announced the new member’s name ‘ Rudraksh.’ Chandra’s tweet read, “For the love of Rudraksh tattoo, we’ve named our rockstar “Rudraksh.”

VJ Niveditha Tamil Actor

VJ Niveditha

Sun TV Anchor V J Niveditha hails from Madurai. After completing her graduation in BSC IT in College of Arts and Science, Madurai, she became a TCS employee. After working there for a couple of months, she began her career as VJ in SUN Music in 2013. She had a job as a VJ spanning for four years and then she grabbed roles in TV series and Tamil films too. She has acted in a TV series ‘Azhagu’ which began its telecast on SUN TV in November 2017. In this series, she is acting as Poorna, and she was praised for a non-make up shot by actress Revathi. A great compliment from Veteran actress Revathi means a lot for her. Also, she has acted in two Tamil movies as heroine’s friends too. V J NIveditha had never seen any series in life but when an audition was going for the serial 'Azhagu,' a friend suggested her to give an audition and try her luck. She passed the audition test and thus she now gets herself busy in acting. When she was working as a VJ anchor in SUN TV, she has anchored some shows for the audience. Besides anchoring program for SUN Music, she did many freelancing jobs for foreign TV channels too. She engaged herself with celebrity shows for various media networks outside India. She was socially supportive for causes like Jallikattu. She even posted a video and expressed her solidarity for the on-going protest for the game. She felt she did not understand why Tamil Nadu was cornered for such a historic game. Even the VJ showed support for demonetization and other issues. VJ Niveditha also came forward for supporting the theme of a Neduvasal project that wants to meet the low-waiver demand of farmers. Her program lists were many in SUN TV. She hosted a show ‘Vaazhthukkal’ which was aired in 2016. It was a program where if the viewers wished to send their beloved ones ‘good wishes’, they could post the name and photo of the person. VJ Niveditha would post the picture and even read out names and their wishes for the beloved ones. She hosted a New Year show with VI Diya. They both took interview of ‘Amul Baby’ actor Amitash Pradhan who has acted with Dhanush and Ram Charan. VJ Niveditha asked about Amitash's relationship with music composer Anirudh. When asked about Amitash’s debut in Hollywood, he explained he had to pass six or seven auditions which included a dance audition and a chemistry test with heroine too. Finally, Niveditha asked him to sing a song and the show was really like a breath of fresh air. VJ Niveditha even anchored and hosted a program ‘Ladies Choice Show' in which she used to air people forwarding her some beauty tips, and she too gave her beauty tips to the viewers. Sometimes, VJ Dhansihka appeared with her for the show. She also presented two more shows with her co-anchors which are 'Music 4U' and 'IsaiyoduVilayadu' on Sun channel. V J Niveditha always maintained a good chemistry with her co-anchor. For instance, she had good chemistry with another VJ Sangeetha for a program ‘FrankaSollatta.’ The show was getting higher TRPS, but it met with some criticism when the two VJs (VJ Sangeetha and VJ Niveditha) negatively remarked on Suriya's height. The show began with the news that K.V. Anand is likely to direct Suriya and the director was thinking to cast Amitabh Bachchan. Responding to the news given by VJ Sangeetha, VJ Niveditha was laughing and telling viewers if Suriya could not match his first heroine Anushka’s height, how can the actor Surya match Amitabh’s stature? Both the VJs frankly chatted on the show and told the audience that while working with Anushka, Suriya wore high heels, and then to match Amitabh's height he has to take a tool or bench! There was a lot of criticism from Kollywood actors like Vishal, Vignesh Sivan, Gyanavel Raja, S.R Prabhu. l reacted to the show and expressed happiness. There was criticism from actor Suriya's fans too. Now let us tell all that it is not Suriya alone, even once Rishi Kapoor too was mocked by two actresses Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in a chat show with Karan Johar. Surprisingly, the two actresses received criticism from Rishi Kapoor and his fans. Rishi Kapoor asked if these actresses would ever learn how to perform well at all? VJ Niveditha is undoubtedly one of the most demanding VJ who catapulted to TV series now and even movies. Things have changed now, while the VJs have earned a decent package in TV channel, the VJs are entering into the small screen too.


VJ Manimegalai

Manimegalai is an anchor for Sun Network. She has a dream job that any classic movie fan would envy. Manimegalai has interviewed many Kollywood stars and superstars in her Sun TV channel. After accepting the offer from Sun Network for an entertainment segment, it almost looks as if she fell in love with the city, Chennai, and television, and has remained in both ever since. Manimegalai’s movie knowledge and relaxed interview style have made her the “popular anchor” of the Tamil film audience. ‘Kollywood Diaries’ is one such example. She is also a very good presenter of live shows in Sun Music. Any musical show of hers would cheer up anyone, with one great number after another; it is funny and wonderfully entertaining to viewers. She is genuine, soft-spoken, and a modest host we see on screen each day. Manimegalai has become one among the leading TV anchors as featured in Tamil Television and has continued to host many entertainment shows on Sun TV. Her collaborations with other anchors such as Nisha Krishnan and Anjana Rangan have also become popular, and the duo has hosted many shows together, such as ‘Nanbenda Munnottam’, ‘Pudhu Padam Epdi Irukku’, etc. She has also interviewed many Kollywood actors and actresses. The list is endless. Naturally, she is extremely flattered that people enjoy what she does as an anchor. In fact, it is even amazing for her to know that many people are still so passionate about our films. She even hosted live shows in Sun Music. Along with shows in Sun Music, she is a popular face for shows like ‘Hot Seat’, ‘OMG’, ‘ Vetti Pechu’, ‘Kollywood Diaries’, etc. She is one of the most celebrated television anchors in Tamil channel. Her trendy style of anchoring has hit off well with movie lovers all over Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, she has a strong fan base in South India Another Version Bio: Mani Megalai is a TV presenter and anchor who predominantly works in Chennai. She was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She has worked as a host on Sun Music and Sun TV (India). Born to a businessman Ramaayyappan and mother Jothi, she has a younger brother named Guna who is a Viscom Graduate. She attended school in Coimbatore until class three and then moved to Chennai with her family where she completed her schooling from St. Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary School. After that, she completed her post graduation in MBA from SRM University. During her college days, she shifted her focus in the Media filed as a Video Jockey. She started her career by debuting as a TV anchor in 2010. She hosted “Super Hits” a program on Sun music. She reached fame after hosting “Franka Sollatta” for Sun Music. After that, she went on to host various celebrity interviews. Mani also hosted numerous Prime Time programs for Sun TV, KTV, Sun News, and Sun Music at the same time. In 2012, she became one of the leading TV hosts and anchors as she was hosting many TV programs together on Tamil Television. She continues to host various reality TV Shows on Sun TV (India) and Sun Music. Mani has collaborated with other TV hosts such as Nisha Krishnan and Anjana Rangan. These collaborations became very popular, and these duos have hosted numerous shows together like Pudhu Padam Epdi Irukku and Nanbenda Munnottam. She married Hussain on December 6th, 2017. There were rumors of her family assaulting Mani physically for her love affair with Hussain. She failed to convince her father and married Hussain in a private ceremony. Her family and relatives were against their affair and opposed to their decision of getting married. Some of the shows hosted by him include Freeya Vidu (2013) Sun Music, Hot Seat (2014) Sun Music, OMG (2015) Sun Music, BLACK (2015) Sun Music, Vetti Pechu (2016) Sun Music, Kollywood Diaries (2017) Sun Music.

VJ Manimegalai Tamil Actress