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Arasi Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada
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Arasi is a drama series which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday. It got directed by the renowned director AravindKaushik, who has delivered a lot of other famous works in the Kannada television industry in the past. The series got produced as well as edited by the well-known Ganapathi Bhat. The roles of the two lead protagonists got played by two newcomers. This was a conscious choice in order to introduce some fresh faces to the viewers. The same got kept in mind for the remaining cast as well who are all mostly new people.

The story of the serial revolves around the relationship of two young girls. One of them was born in the slums and got called Sooji while the other was born in a rich household and got called Rashmi. This is the story of their friendship. We witness the twists and turns which occur between them and their relationship. As the episodes unfold we see unending love which Sooji has for her friend Rashmi and the lengths she would go to keep her happy. Rashmi, however, has gotten brought up in a pampered environment and got used to getting things done her way.

Rashmi is completely self-centred as well as stubborn when it comes to what she wants and got used to getting what she desires. The narrative does a good job of showing the different facets of the life of both poor as well as rich families and the challenges they both bring. It provides a gripping narrative of how when these two very different worlds get intertwined, one of them stays bound by the bonds of love and gratitude whereas the other gets blinded by the greed and vengeance brewing in her heart, unaware of the bond of love binding them. The character of Sooji gets played by Harshita while that of Rashmi gets played by Bidya Ram. They both got chosen after reviewing and auditioning over a thousand applicants who were all interested in playing these roles.

The series even celebrated its two-hundredth episode whilst exploring the dynamic of these two friends. It has garnered excellent reviews from audience members as well as numerous critics who have applauded both the acting and the well-narrated script. These facets have enabled the show to become amongst one of the most watched series on the channel.


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