Tamil Tv Show Athu Ithu Ethu

Athu Ithu Ethu Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Adhu Ithu Edhu is a Tamil game show for the celebrities on the regional channel Vijay TV of Star TV. The show is very famous and well-received. It is telecasted every week. In each episode there are three guest personalities who participate. The game involves three levels. Players are given a thousand points before the game starts and may lose points at each round. The one managing to keep the most number of points at the end of the game is declared as the winner.

The first round is known as Group la Dupe, in English which means find the odd one out. Participants get to observe three persons, who are dressed as belonging to a specific profession (e.g. dancers, tailors, craftsmen, etc.) of which two, in reality belong to the said profession, and the third one is an imposter trained by professionals present there. The host will give them three clues. At first, the participants are allowed 15 seconds to make a guess as to who is in disguise. They have to ring the buzzer as quick as possible.

The fastest player to press the buzzer gets to lock their guess on who the deceiver actually is. The other players can only select a person who hasn't been chosen. In this way, the first one gets three options, the second two and the last person none. Then each of the persons give a short demonstration related to his profession for example dancers perform a small dance recital. After the acts, the players are then provided the option of altering their primary choice at the deduction of a 100 points.

After the participants have modified their options, if they want to, the disguised person is revealed. Points are reduced for the players who made wrong guesses, whereas the right guesser’s points are left unmodified. The second round is called Siricha Pochu in English which means You Laugh, You Lose. This round is the USP of the show. Participants are shown a live comedy gigs from either a group of the comedians or only a person from the show. The task is to remain expressionless during the performance.

They will lose score if they smile or laugh. The rule is they are instructed to only watch the show without hiding their mouths. Points are taken away in a cumulative basis on the order of persons who laughed. Some of the famous comedians who have taken the stage in this round include Robo Shankar, Diwakar, Vadivel Balaji, Prabu, Thangadurai, Singapore Deepan, Vignesh Karthick, Amudhavanan, Ramar, Jeyachandran, Pazhani Pattalam, George and Nanjil Vijayan.

The first four are especially considered expert comedians who specialise in mimicry and are often achieves success in making all of them laugh in the episode. The third round is called Maathi Yosi in English which stands Think Differently. In this round, each contestant is called in order of who rang the buzzer fastest in the first round, Group la Dupe, to have a chat with the host, where the host puts forth questions to them. During the session, the person has to say a totally unrelated answer to each question presented by the host.

If the contestant gives a related answer, and gives the same answer thrice, questions the host or spends more than twosecondsin reverting, heos considered out. Here also, the points are deducted on a cumulative structure, depending on the time spent by the participant to get out of the round. The round has seen a modification in recent episodes. Now, the player has to give a related answer to the quizmasters questions, but in perfect Tamil. If the contestant utters a single word in English or any other vernacular, they are disqualified.

Points are deducted on a collective basis here as well, calculating the time taken for the player to become out. The show was formerly hosted by Sivakarthikeyan before his debut as an actor. The style of hosting, natural wit and ability to create laughter episodes without effort, especially with the comedians of level 2, were well appreciated. He was considered one of the main attractions of the programme and grew very popular among youth viewers.

The show on 21st April, 2012 witnessed its 150th episode and was brought into the limelight by inviting the show’s performers as guests. Sivakarthikeyan on the episode of 4th August 2012 officially arrived to hand over the job of hosting Adhu Idhu Edhu to Ma Ka Pa Anand. Hehas been hosting the show ever since. The show is aired every Saturday evening at 7PM. The show is directed by Thomson who has formerly directed comedy shows such as Comedy Kings and Kalakapovathu Yaaru.