Meesai Rajendran is a supporting actor in Tamil movies who is always seen as playing cops. He has been typecast and but he does not regret performing the same character again and again but only feels that if he was given different characters to portray perhaps he could showcase his powerful talent to all. At times he would even appear in a duplicate police role in movies and create enough laughter in the theatres and his comedy antiques had gone well with audiences. Recently, he was spotted getting associated with politics and he supported Captain Vijayakanth and his party.

He was in favour of the opinion that ‘Pandavas will win’. The actor has also associated himself with the small screen. He debuted on the small screen and has acted in a STAR Vijay channel show titled ‘ Maaveeran Hatim Maaveeran Hatim was a drama series that was teleca >> Read More... Maaveeran Hatim which was a dubbed version of Hindi TV series ' Hatim Indian television industry is famous for its contr >> Read More... Hatim '.