Tamil Tv Serial Vasantham

Vasantham Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Vasantham serial was aired by Sun Television Network in the year 2005 at 1 PM daily in the afternoon only on weekdays. Famous actress Vijayalakshmi suited the main role of the serial in the name ‘ Akila Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... ’.

Akila got married to Jeeva after loving each other. Akila’s life goes in a happy and a steady pace till the raise of an ego clash between herself and her husband. Due to this, Both got separated. But Akila got pregnant and deliver a baby and her husband never came to see her or the baby.

Another subplot lies with Akila’s sister, an already married guy tries to cheat Akila’s sister and gets the approval to marry Akila’s sisters from Akila’s family. Having got the permission, the baddie tries to kill his first wife by planning to take her to Kodaikannal, hill station in Tamil Nadu.

Akila comes to know about this in one situation and How she tackles this and save her sister without any support from her family or her husband lies the plot. She has to handle her baby in addition with no help from others.

Did she win this plot? Did she join with her husband lies the remaining story. But the serial is not well prepared and hated by most of the people as it has lots of its, buts and flaws in the screenplay missing continuity.