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Oli Mayamana Ethirkaalam is a program which is being aired on Zee Tamizh. Oli Mayamana Ethirkaalam is a devotional program hosted by ‘Harikeshnallur’ Venkataraman. ‘Harikeshnallur’ Venkataraman, a well known astrologer,  takes the show on a devotional path and predicts the zodiac signs movements and its benefits for the day. Oli Mayamana Ethirkaalam also has another segment which is presented by Kannan Bhattacharya Astrology is a primordial science and art that has >> Read More... . Kannan Bhattacharya is a devotional guru who gives information about holy places, the specialty of various temples, the various traditions of the temples and more. Oli Mayamana Ethirkaalam is also well known and popular for the wide range of devotional songs played.

Oli Mayamana Ethirkaalam is a daily program aired on Zee Tamizh at 7 00 AM taking the viewers on a devotional journey each morning. ‘Harikeshnallur’ Venkataraman is a reputed astrologer with thousands of followers in India as well as abroad. He has hosted astrology programs on television for more than 2500 times. He also had a stint with AMN TV where he hosted a one hour live phone-in program on astrology. Devotional guru Kannan Bhattacharya also clarifies all devotional doubts raised by viewers in his segment. Oli Mayamana Ethirkaalam is a long running show and has completed more than 1400 episodes.

Another Version Of This Story:

Olimayamana Ethirkaalam is a Tamil television show. This telecasted series is a spiritual show that makes its viewers travel on a religious and devotional journey every day. The total number of episodes that this television show has telecasted up till now has crossed two thousand. The number of episodes that this television show has telecasted up till now has reached a total of two thousand one hundred and forty-two. This television show had been telecasted every day, from Monday through to Sunday, at 07 a.m., in the morning.

This show contains an astrology segment, in which a very famous and preached astrologer predicts the movements of the individual zodiac signs, and names its benefits. Harikeshanallur Venkataraman is the name of this well-known and very famous astrologer. In his talks, this man describes the planetary positions, and their movements, with respect to time, and how they effect change on human beings and other entities, which exist on this planet earth. Through his precise and accurate predictions, he tries to help and guide the people in making important decisions in their respective lives, takes precautions to prepare in advance, and indulge in remedial procedures to decrease the impact of these movements in planets. This show contains another segment, which is called the Omkaram.

In this segment, the spiritual Guru Kannan Bhattacharya addresses the viewers of this show. He speaks to them in a connecting and engaging manner. He provides the audience of this show with astrological solutions to their problem. The problems and situations that he addresses are very common in nature and diversified. This nature of every problem discussed in the show appeals to its viewers, and they can relate to it. This show is very popular for a spectrum of spiritual and devotional musical songs it plays in the background while this show airs.

This television show has completed more than two thousand episode and still continues to remain to stand tall. This television show begins with a spiritual prayer, which had been dedicated to Lord Ganapathi. After this had been done, the astrologer begins to describe the sun and the moon signs for each day. He begins with “MeshaRashi”. The crucial benefits that the viewer’s reap through watching this show are that they become aware and able to realize the appropriate time to make important decisions of their life, which wil, for sure, give them success in the days to come. Apart from the horoscope, this show also educates its viewers with information regarding hoy places, specialties of different temples, traditions, and much more.


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