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Mohammed Azeem

Other names of Mohammed Azeem: Azeem
Tamil Tv Actor Mohammed Azeem

Azeem is a VJ working with Sun TV. He is a computer science graduate. He swapped his computer engineer career with a career in the entertainment world. He is a graduate from Loyola College in visual communication. Since his early years, he was immensely attracted to the entertainment world. During his college days, he worked as a radio jockey for his college just to gain some experience in that genre. After getting a first-hand experience as a Radio Jockey, he decided to make a foray into the world of entertainment.

He debuted as a VJ in Zee Tamizh in the year 2008. After working for two years in Zee Tamizh, in 2010, he switched his job and role with a new place of work (Moon TV) and a totally different role of a producer. Although he hosted on Moon TV, he also got an opportunity to taste the activities behind the camera. Since 2012, he is associated with Sun TV as a VJ.

His association as an actor in the serial ‘ Maya Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ is worth recalling, for which he won the best performer of the year award. An enthusiastic sportsman in his college days, he aspires to become a movie actor and wants to produce movies.


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