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Kathadi Ramamurthy Tamil Actor
In 1980’s Kathadi Ramamurthy used to be a household name. You switch on the TV and if any Tamil drama was getting casted, you can see this veteran passionate drama artist Kathadi Ramamurthy performing.

He was born in kumbakonam in early 1930’s and did his schooling there and wanted to do his graduation in Chennai and so ended up in the city. While he was in Vivekananda College he joined the drama troupe of the college and his acting career started then and still continues.

In 1965, he launched his own production house “stage creations” which has staged many dramas. He has a long career of acting in forty plays and 75 films. He has won loads of awards and to display those he jokingly says he has allocated a separate room in his home. In 1966, he married Meenakshi who is very supportive in taking care of all the household responsibilities while Kathadi is busy in his acting career.

He is a recipient of Kalaimamani award , and has several titles including Nataka Kala Sironmani, Nadiga Choodamani and Nataka Rathnam. He has also won Best TV Serial Comedian award. Some of the famous personalities he has worked with are the actor Director K.Balachander, Actor Drama artiste crazy Mohan.

He directed and enacted a drama called “Aiya Amma Ammama” which is even spoken about after a couple of decades. He has performed in TV serials like “bommlattam” and shows like “kelvi paadhi kindal paadhi”which are again big hits. Kathadi Ramamurthy is an evergreen name which is etched in the heart of Tamil people who has a love towards drama.