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Vamsam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Vamsam is a most watched Tamil serial that was aired on Sun TV. It started on 10th June 2013. The serial was running from Monday to Friday at 8.30pm daily. It was produced by Vision Time India. On 8th May 2014, Vamsam successfully completed the 258th episode. Vamsam is also aired on Shakthi TV – Srilanka based Tamil Channel.

Senthil Raja and Vasantha (Sakthi’s father and mother respectively) arranges Sanjay and his family to meet their daughter Sakthi as a possible bride. However, Sanjay’s father refuses the family, as Shakthi’s family has no relatives. He strongly believes that a bride that marries Sanjay should have a good background with lots of relatives and should be a very big family. The reason is that families who do not have relatives at all elope leaving their family behind. On hearing, this Senthil and Vasantha are shocked. They now reveal their long kept secret. Senthil tells that he has an elder sister named Nagavalli (role taken by Vadivukkarasi). Vasantha reveals that she is the younger sister of Annachi (role taken by Vijayakumar). Now it is Sakthi’s turn and in an urge to marry Sanjay, she promises Senthil and Vasantha (her parents) that she will reunite the entire family and takes initiatives. Hence, Shakthi disguises as a humble cook and she enters Annachi’s house. Here she tries to put an end to the long lasting hatred between Annachi’s family and her mother along with putting an end to hatred between her father and Nagavalli’s family as well. This creates a better opportunity to reunite the entire family and finally she marries Sanjay. Ramya Krishnan does the lead role (Sakthi – the female protagonist)

Other characters include Seema (Thangam), Shyam Ganesh (Sanjay), Sathish (Kathirvel), Shanmugasundaram (Rangasamy), Lakshmi Raj (Muthuvel), Rajashree (Thenmozhi), Kaveri (Chinnaponnu), Vandhana (Suganthi), Shamilli (Anitha), Sai Kiran (Ponnurangam) and Srilekha (Komalavalli).

Another version of this story...
Vamsam means Lineage in Tamil, and this serial is running in Sun TV since 10th June 2013. Similar to other Sun TV serials this is aired from Monday to Saturday at 8.30PM. Vision Time India Pvt Ltd is the production company for Vamsam. Vamsam is also being telecasted as dubbed serial in Gemini TV under the name Kutumbam, which is in Telugu. Ramya Krishnan performs the lead Cameo as a Female Protagonist named Sakthi Ponnurangam. Ramya Krishnan being the dream girl of the 1990’s in the South India, now with the same Charm and Fame enters into the Silver Screen to continue with her ongoing thirst of acting. Till date it has ran almost 350 episodes and counting to hit the 500th sooner by early 2015.
Sakthi's parents Murali and Sathyapriya like any other parents have arranged a alliance named Sanjay a General Physician with his family arrived to view Sakthi as a possible bride for Sanjay. Sanjay's father refuses the alliance and not interested in this wedding proposal as Sakthi's family have no relatives, which is considered as a non-standard or has less value in the society. Sanjay’s Father shows his disinterest towards people who elope leaving their family behind. Vasantha is heart-broken on hearing this news and also opens the secret to Sakthi that Vasantha has an elder brother, Annachi and that Senthil has an elder sister, Nagavalli played by the most experienced women Vadivukarasi, and Character artist since Black and White period of Southern film industry. Sakthi promises to her parents that she will make her parent's siblings accept the two new relatives and take them in. She acts like a cook and joins Annachi’s home and starts building a bridge between these two families. From there onwards how the plot diverges and what are the challenges Sakthi is faced is the remaining and ongoing story of Vamsam. Ramya Krishnan being a lead heroine in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam has bagged a large wardrobe of awards 2 time Filmfare Awards, 2 time Nandi Awards, TamilNadu State Award, Dubai Amma Award, Amritha Film Award and Sun TV Awards for being a best performer in the movies.
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