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Vanthale Maharasi Tamil Tv serials on Kalaingar tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Vanthale Maharasi, the title by itself considered very auspicious, the serial was a mega hit when aired in Jaya Tv. The actors included, Abishek, Swarnamaalya, Deepa, Archana, Shanmuga sundaram, Jothirsha, Calcutta Krishnamoorthi, Kicha, in leading roles .With the beautiful lyrics of Kadhalmathi, the title song was sung by S.P.B, in the music of Rajbaskar. The serial was directed by Senthilkumar. Annamalai productions produced this serial.

Vanthale Maharasi , is the term used in all the households, who have daughters.The story of the serial gave importance to women and showed that women deserve, respect, equality, recognition and kindness.With strong story line the serial , made the viewers looking forward for it every day. It had the privilege of crossing three hundred episodes.

The story,was knitted in a way that showed ,how important women are in the world. The main story was about Chandramohan and his family with Saranya and her family. Chandramohan, an entrepreneur, came from a poor background., With his hard work and sincerity, he achieved success in his life a business man. Saranya too, a girl from village , who has to take care of her family, was looking for a work , which can provide her a decent salary. Due to some circumstances, she couldn’t marry her the man, who was engaged for her. After that she came to the city with her master and he gets her a job as a teacher. But unexpectedly, he dies in an accident, leaving his children back. Saranya, takes care of the children after his death. Chandramohan, one day visited a temple with his family and his wife loses her necklace there. The necklace was found by Saranya, who was in the temple that time, and was returned to Chandramohan’s wife. Chandramohan after hearing about Saranya employed her in his company. The story had its own twists and turns and woven in a way to attract the fans of all ages.


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